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    If Ash had gotten an Eevee or an Eeveelution, which one would he have gotten?

    Probably Espeon. Ash might have said he prefered Espeon, but he'll probably never get another Electric type Pokemon.
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    Who would win? Gary, Paul, or Trip?

    Paul has a history or releasing or giving away Pokemon he no longer wants. The Pokemon shown at Reggie's Day Care center are probably all the Pokemon Paul has. The Pokemon Gary stores at Oak's lab are all the Pokemon Gary has. Gary has more Pokemon. Paul still has more battle experience.
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    Who would win? Gary, Paul, or Trip?

    Paul wins it all, but after seeing Trip's second battle with Ash it's clear that he'll be quite powerful after he gets some more training. Gary has never demonstrated skills much higher than those of an average trainer.
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    A Night in the Nacrene City Museum! (673)

    Iris and Cilan were very entertaining in this episode. The episode didn't focus on Ash very much, but when it did all he seemed to talk about was a gym battle which was clearly not going to happen seeing as how the gym leader wasn't around. He really was acting like...well, a kid. The episode...
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    How did you feel about the way Dawn's Piplup was handled as a mascot?

    Piplup was pretty much Pikachu, only with more personality. He really didn't deserve all the hate he got. He was strong when he needed to be and comical when the episode called for it.
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    Weak and Strong

    My Swampert has been my strongest Pokemon since the days of Ruby and Sapphire.
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    Will Trip Have any Real Significance?

    That was hyperbole. @King World: Trip's Pokemon are clearly in the top precentile of all Pokemon. Seriously though, Ash lost to Trip the second time, because Ash hasn't been training. His Tepig only knew two moves and his Oshawott still isn't a very good battler. His Pidove has showed no...
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    Will Trip Have any Real Significance?

    The thing is, Trip really is just a super talented beginner. With Paul it was never stated that he was a beginner, everyone just assumed he was and so his background information was used to dispute that. Trip got his first Pokemon on screen, just like Dawn and May and so it's been made clear...
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    Remaining Type Combinations

    That would make a nice Grass/Fire type. The dead tree idea works best for a Grass/Ghost type.
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    Will Trip Have any Real Significance?

    I like the way he battles and it's clear he has a lot of natural potential and skill at training his Pokemon. He's probably a better trainer than both Ash and Gary were when they first started as trainers. His personality isn't anything special, but as a rival he can have some exciting battles...
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    Minccino-Neat & Tidy (672)

    The thing is, it actually would have made sense if Pikachu lost to Pignite. Snivy had no battle experience and Panpour is a water type. Pikachu should have destroyed those two. Pignite on the other hand has beaten two Gym Leaders by itself and hit Pikachu with two powerful moves before the Flame...
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    Dodging Trainers

    Since the days of Red and Blue I've been battling every trainer encountered in game. It's easier to level up that way and it helps complete the Pokedex.
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    Digimon discussion - Digimon Ghost Game now available on Crunchyroll

    Matt and Sora getting together didn't surprise me as much as Ken and Yolei getting married. Who's everyone favorite rival character? Kiriha is certainly the best in my opinion. His disgust of weakness make for a very interesting character. As a character he's as much of a rival as Matt was...
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    A Max comeback anyone?

    Max having to wait until he turns 10 to get a Pokemon makes no sense. There have been so many trainers in the show who seemed to be the same age if not younger than Max and they had Pokemon. They could age Max if they wanted to, they just wouldn't explicitly state that he had aged. Gary...
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    Dream World Eeveelution?

    I chose the Magic Bounce Espeon.
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    Alder's Typing?

    Juan the 8th gym leader of the Hoenn region uses water types. Wallace, the campion of the region, uses water types. The cahmpion can use the same type as a gym leader. Alder isn't a Bug type specialist, but Burgh having Bug types wouldn't stop him from becoming one.
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    Hardest Unova Gym Leader

    Now that I've beaten all the gym leaders I can say Lenora was the hardest. Irish was probably the easiest.I solo'd her gym with a level 37 Vanillish.
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    A Rival Battle for Club Champ! (669)

    Ash probably doesn't even remember Paul. :rolleyes: It was obvious that Ash would lose this battle, since the writers like having Ash loose every rival battle until his win in the league, but the battle could have been handled a lot better. 3 OHKOs is not something Ash should be experiencing...
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    Does anyone actually find any of the intro songs motivating?

    Born to be a Winner and Battle Frontier.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    I actually like a lot of the 5th Gen Pokemon, I just am not enjoying raising any of the ones I have caught. I find myself switching out Pokemon a lot, because I get bored with the ones on my team. It feels as if the Pokemon don't really go together to make a good team, not so much because of...