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    New Mega Evolutions Discussion Thread

    Sounds like it'll be decent in Doubles, at least. On paper it sounds unfitting. fff-- I still think Gen 5 infinite weather is a thing orz
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    New Mega Evolutions Discussion Thread

    Can anybody tell me the benefits of Mega Sceptile having Lightning Rod over Chlorophyll? I'm too lazy to go back pages to see if anyone's justified it and also it feels random and unfitting with its x4 Electric resistance. Also, why are none of you talking about Mega Diancie? It's the most...
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    "What's This Ship Called?"

    "My suggestion sounds better" won't make the Shipping List admin change their mind on the ship's name. Accept the fact that someone already named it FancyFashion and move on.
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    What abilities should they be given?

    The Pawniard line should have Tough Claws. They're covered in blades and have a high Attack, so it makes sense. Zoroark should have Imposter as a hidden ability, that would be a ton of fun.
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    Gym Leaders & Elite Four Thread

    I'm glad I'm not the only person with that headcanon. The only thing dissapointing for the E4 for me was the fact none of them used Megas. Which is a shame because it would have made the battles more fun. I disagree with giving Delphox to Malva. It feels more suited to Olympia in my opinion...
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    What are your fears?

    I have a fear of not receiving recognition for my work to a point where I actually hesitate to draw because I feel like it's a waste of time and nobody likes my art. In general it's a fear of rejection.
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    Pokemon Disappointments?

    Don't ever expect the Game Corner to return unless it only contains Voltorb Flip.
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    Pokemon Disappointments?

    Since it is technically game-related, can I mention that I was dissapointed that there was no version of KISEKI with vocals on the Pokémon X&Y soundtrack. It would have been a nice bonus track. Instead we just get about four tracks from the Gen I games and their Origins counterparts.
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    What Moves SHOULDN'T They Get?

    Xerneas and Night Slash. Xerneas gives life, yet learns a move which is named Crossroad Killing in Japan. Unless this was intended as some sort of irony? ????
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    Is Iris heading to Hoenn?

    There's usually more than one of any given legendary, as someone's already said. So who knows? She could have been referring to somewhere completely different from Hoenn. Personally, I think she could have been referring to the Embedded Tower.
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    Pokemon Disappointments?

    Carbink trades in its ability to learn Power Gem for Trick Room when it turns into Diancie. That wouldn't be that much of a loss if Diamond Storm was a Special move.
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    Legendary Pokémon Thread v2

    The leaked moves [and Hoopa and Volcanion...] in action! Thousand Arrows is really impressive. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UzbMPitzCF0
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    What do you think is the best move of every type?

    Bug - Megahorn. Most powerful Bug type move, and a good handful of Pokémon with massive Attack base stats learn it. Dark - Sucker Punch. Useful for taking out Ghost and Psychic types. Dragon - Outrage. Minus the confusion and chance of a Fairy type switch-in, it's a good move for cleaning up...
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    Legendary Pokémon Thread v2

    They already said no Gen 6 Pokémon would be getting Mega Evolutions, and I'm assuming this embargo extends for all of Generation VI. Zygarde having Mega Evolutions sounds like something from a fan fic. I think the "fuses with Xerneas/Yveltal" or just in general having two new formes which are...
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    What attacks should they be given?

    Agreed. Although if this happened everyone would be running Wish Stall Chansey/Blissey and online battling would be ruined.
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    What series do you ship in?

    The only series I actively ship in is Pokémon. I semi-actively ship in Super Smash Bros, Legend of Zelda, Yu-Gi-Oh and whatever other fandom I accidentally fall into.
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    Legendary Pokémon Thread v2

    I must admit, Volcanion has quite a diverse movepool. This thing will likely be UU/BL at most, and possibly have a small niche in OU. Not so much can be said about Hoopa, either that or its general weakness to everything/mediocre speed is clouding my judgement.
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    What attacks should they be given?

    I was dissapointed that Hawlucha doesn't get Brave Bird and instead gets the inferior [in my eyes anyway] Sky Attack. I hope Brave Bird is a tutor move in Z/X2/Y2. I think Bisharp should be able to learn Beat Up. Its Dex entries talk about how it leads a group of Pawniard and whatnot so its...
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    Pokémon Regrets

    Trading my lv100 Carbink for a non-Kalosian lv100 Shiny Ampharos. I want my Carbink back I don't care about the stupid Ampharos.
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    Legendary Pokémon Thread v2

    It probably acts like Freeze-Dry/a permanent Ring Target and defies the type chart.