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    What Are You Listening To - Just Add Water!

    Simple Plan - Boom! Get Your Heart On - The Second Coming! (2013)
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    What series are you watching?

    Devious Maids Random episodes of Top Gear Also, random episodes of HIMYM
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    The last movie you saw

    Spider-man 3 I wish they can make the Sinister Six film one day...
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    Marvel Universe Discussion Thread - **SPOILER WARNING** (movies, shows, etc.)

    I think Fox should return the right to Marvel studios. And probably Marvel can bring more mutants to the comics when they get the right. But still, having no more mutants won't be good for those who like them.
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    Serebii Community Create a Team

    I'll go with Bisharp. And maybe Dread Plate over LO?
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    Serebii Community Create a Team

    DD M-Ttar M-Garde Wallbreaker KyuB #votingmahownset
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    Rate the signature (Update to rules: 1/8/12)

    8/10, no comment.
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    Serebii Community Create a Team

    Kyurem-Black @ Leftovers Ability: Teravolt EVs: 52 HP / 4 Atk / 216 SAtk / 238 Spd Rash Nature - Substitute - Ice Beam - Fusion Bolt - Earth Power The Almighty KyuB. It's a great wallbreaker and it's also a great late game cleaner. Even though the new Fairy-types are pain in the *** for him...
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    Sup JoeyBoy!

    Sup JoeyBoy!
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    Soccer Thread

    Sup peeps. Lewandowski is going to Bayern this summer which is a huge loss for Klopp. He already did the medical check at Bayern. Also, he's going for free transfer, Madrid offered £81m for him but Lewy chose to join Bayern. Honda and Rami (loan) signed for Milan, Lacina Traore signed for Monaco.
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    ☆ The Official Claim a Pokemon Thread Ver. 6.0 ☆

    Excadrill --- Rezzuréct --- December 21th, 2013
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    The FIFA Thread

    FIFA 14 is not bad I think. And it's better than 13 in FUT and also in career mode. But, headers and over-top-through balls are OP though and the defender also doesn't react quickly if opponent sends the over-top-through ball. One thing that sucks in career that we need to scout for the players...
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    The FIFA Thread

    Sup peeps, long time no update. Well okay, I'm a little bit more into FUT recently, and I made a decent Bundesliga squad worth about 10k - 15k iirc. The team is nice imo, Huntelaar is amazing finisher along with Son or Ramos. I have Weidenfeller for keeper but he isn't really good tho. XI...
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    Soccer Thread

    Arsenal 1-1 Everton Well a little not nice to us. Özil opens up for Arsenal but Deulofeu equalises for Everton. And that was a tough game. Still 5pts clear from everyone though. Arsenal will play against Napoli in CL tomorrow, away from home. And we still need to face City and Chelsea next...
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    What was the most recent Achievement/Trophy you unlocked?

    FIFA 14 Fuel For My Club Open 20 packs in FUT. Moving On Up Earn Promotion in Seasons. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Deep Cover Capture Menendez. Sinking Star Interrogate Menendez.
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    Soccer Thread

    Cardiff 0-3 Arsenal My prediction was right lol. 2 goals from Aaron Ramsey and one from Mathieu Flamini. Ramsey doesn't celebrate even he scores 2 goals. Özil makes 2 assists too, and Walcott is back! 4pts clear from Chelsea. It's shame that Liverpool lost to Hull. Unexpected though...
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    Serebii CCAT: Generation 6 Edition

    Dragon Dance Zygarde Swords Dance Mega Luke Swords Dance Talonflame
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    Soccer Thread

    Predictions: Aston Villa 1-1 Sunderland Cardiff 0-3 Arsenal Everton 2-0 Stoke Norwich 0-1 Crystal Palace West Ham 0-0 Fulham Newcastle 2-1 West Brom Spurs 2-2 Man Utd Hull 0-4 Liverpool Chelsea 2-0 Southampton Man City 3-0 Swansea
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    What was the most recent Achievement/Trophy you unlocked?

    FIFA 14 Extra Effort Score with a first time Sliding Shot. Bros Gonna Bro Start a Co-op season with a friend.
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    Yeah no problem, I edited it.

    Yeah no problem, I edited it.