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    Shiny Turtwig Wanted

    This isn't the right place to post this. Please ask in the WiFi Center or the WiFi Chat.
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    evolving pokemon, wait? what?

    As far as the Bagon/Flygon argument goes, the names of Flygon and Salamence were switched, not the Pokemon themselves.
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    Have You Ever *GASP* Whited Out?

    A few times. Mostly during rival battles when I hadn't trained enough beforehand.
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    D/P monotype challenge

    I'll try with a Flying team; Noctowl Crobat Drifblim Skarmory Mantine Vespiquen Any suggestions?
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    Our Universe, One or Many?

    ^ This. The universe is bigger than we can comprehend, and expanding every second. We could go one million times the speed of light, and it would still take hundreds of lifetimes, even if we had the technology to do it.
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    Skiyomi's Graphics Shop

    Aw, thanks, Ski! It's great. Good sigs + Fast service + Nice people = Awesome shop.
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    The Official SPPf Bishie Thread - v.6

    Noctowl/Yorunozuku from Pokemon - ~Cosmic~ (2/1/09)
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    The Pokedex Thread: Dugtrio, Cubone, Wobbuffet, and more...

    Fix'd. And yes, people. It's fiction. F-i-c-t-i-on. It doesn't have to fit with real-world physics...
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    Pokemon released into the wild.

    Well, if it had TM moves, it might become dominant, but I dunno.
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    Will every Pokemon have an evolution?

    As long as Qwilfish gets a somewhat decent evolution, I'm good.
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    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Pokemon Sprites

    Anyone notice how Porygon2's feet seem to change in size every generation?
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    Which Pokemon's Shiny Form do you NOT like?

    Shedinja's shiny form leaves a bit to be desired. I think red would have looked cooler.
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    Skiyomi's Graphics Shop

    1. What kind of graphic do you want? Signature, please. 2. What size/dimensions should this graphic be? 450x150 3. What picture would you like me to use? http://www.rpgamer.com/games/pokemon/poke2/art/164.gif 4. What colors would you like used predominantly? Gray and beige [Noctowl-ish...
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    Glitch weather... 26% damage every turn!!!

    Yeah, I'm curious as to whether this works with Rain Dish and Dry Skin.
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    The one Pokemon game

    I've done that twice. Once in Diamond with a Drifloon/Drifblim, and in Emerald with a Beldum/Metang/Metagross.
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    Rival Name?

    I prefer 'Shubert'.
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    Ubers on random WiFi, hate or love em?

    I love it when people use them, because many non-uber teams are capable of taking down one of all ubers. And it always feels nice when that happens. I don't condone those who use ubers, because not everyone buys into all of Smogon's guidelines and tiers and whatnot.
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    Cheating Devices VS Hard Work

    I use it. I don't use it for the 999 stat bullcrap, though. I use it for good IV's, TMs, and Berries. That's it. I hate people who say 'O IT DUZNT MAEK TEH GAEM FUN'. Obviously it does for hackers, otherwise, they wouldn't do it. You can decide what's 'fun' for yourself, but don't try to decide...
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    Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

    530 Spoilers are out. It seems that Mr. 2 Bon Kurei reappears, and a small devil-like guard with the Blugori symbol on his head named 'Saldes'.
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    Giratina's Another Forme is no more...

    I'm glad for the change. 'Another Forme' just sounds weird.