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  1. ANightmaresDreamscape

    Aura's Light: Redux

    Rating: M - I rated this M in my original version on FFN, I am in the process of rewriting the story from scratch. My FFN pen name is the same as on here, ANightmaresDreamscape. The story will contain violence, blood, some adult themes, so M is for safety's sake. A/N - I currently have one...
  2. ANightmaresDreamscape

    looking for beta reader

    looking for beta reader
  3. ANightmaresDreamscape

    Aura's Light FF- Beta reader wanted

    Hey everyone! so this is my first post on serebii, a while back I wrote a fanfiction called aura's light and my writing has changed quite a bit since I started it. My pen name on there is also AnightmaresDreamscape. I'm currently doing a complete rewrite of it and I'm in need of a beta reader...