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    Ash's Under-rated pokemon

    I am getting pretty tied of this, so im going to start closing this debate... You have absolutely no proof to support any claim that states Charizard is Ash's strongest... He isnt Underated. You know this, for you knew that when you mentioned it you will be challenged on the matter. We have...
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    Ash's Under-rated pokemon

    Johto league. Against Jackson, group stages.
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    Ash's Under-rated pokemon

    Only? After it took down a fresh Magneton... lets not forget that. And it was clear that Maganium was superior to Bulbasaur but he still took it down.
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    Ash's Under-rated pokemon

    I didnt even think about Duskclops not being fully evolved, i never apply that logic to a show where most Pokemon just choose not to evolve. My point, to sum it up in a nut shell: Charizard is overated and cant be called Ash's strongest Pokemon as there is no way to prove he is.
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    Ash's Under-rated pokemon

    lol, i know, you have no idea how many times i keep making that mistake whilst typing, but i dont always pick it up. Just a side effect of living in Gen 4 so long :p
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    Ash's Under-rated pokemon

    I didn't ignore it, i said fair enough, and i said the way you put it. But there is no way to tell if those rules are going to be applied in an anime battle, thats just common knowledge. And i said fair enough, but throughout that battle i would have to say Charizard did seem mediocre compared...
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    Ash's Under-rated pokemon

    I dont see how this is actually Ashs fault the way you put it... fair enough he commanded a Sesimic Toss, but in the unpredictable anime that could have worked one time and not the other. But apart from that Ash did fine... Charizards has had two battles since Blaziken: Articuno and...
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    Ash's Under-rated pokemon

    1. Whos fault was it? 2. Charizard has had how many battles anyway? Under 10 under Ashs control im sure... 3. People cant keep playing the plot card, you guys are worse then wrestling fans, either you completely talk as if its real, or you do as if its fake, you all cant keep jumping back...
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    Serebii.net Update: Thursday: New Attack, WiFi Event, Ep Pics #38; Character Biograph

    Gliscor got HUGE, i mean WTF, when was it that big?
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    Ash's Under-rated pokemon

    Fair enough, my mistake.. Pokemon is a "what have you done for me lately" kind of thing. And if we look back to Charizard battles it seems that he hasnt done so well. He beat the pokemon he had the TYPE advantage against even if it's the anime, it still plays a part in the story, but then...
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    So at this point it looks like Ash's friends will never meet each other character

    Im fighting with the relevence of some of these threads of cyber, i tend to avoide them for some of their stupidity, and many may complain "just dont post" but exactly what is there to discuss anyway? Im sure not all of your friends know each other, and its fine that not all of Ash's freinds...
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    Top 5 Disappointing things, the DP saga did?

    In no particular order: 1. Allowing Dawn to get second in her first Grand Festival 2. Allowing Zoey to win the Grand Festival 3. Allowing Zoey to beat Nando in the Grand Festival 4. Proving that you actually cant be a Co-ordinator and a Trainer :/ 5. Allowing Jesse to make it to the Semi-Finals...
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    Ash's Under-rated pokemon

    ^ But thats just the oposite of what you wrote, and even if you do mean that, you cant possibly believe that right? Charizard is by far one of (if not the) most overated Pokemon is his party. (Poor Pikachu, he wanted that thrown :( ) There is now noway to see how strong Charizard is, but base...
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    Favorite "Starter Bird."

    The poll is already closed :/ open for a week? Then you cant get any real valid results unless you want to count all are actual posts. Im voting for Pidgeot, as crap as it is or may be, it looks so cool <3 and was my first capture :)
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    The Evilest Pokemon Tactic in the game

    F.E.A.R ^ even its name is sinister... either that or BRELOM >( THAT DAMN POKEMON!
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    Ash's Under-rated pokemon

    If the majority of people overated it, dosent that not make it overated technically? By definition, therefore it cant be concidered underated at all, besides... Its not that good anyway ¬.¬
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    Did Dawn's actual personality change at all over the course of DP?

    ^ nope, unless your a child who likes wasting yout pocket money on something u have no idea what it is
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    Serebii.net Suggestion Thread

    Could you put all the new Gen 5 updates when they come is spoiler tags, cause i (and i shall assume others) dont want to know about the new pokemon/ how they look/ characters etc. before the game comes out, and just today. Mearly after loading the front page i get jumped on by 3 new pokemon i...
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    What is holding Ash back from his main Goal?

    ^ No way for him to know, but logically speaking, Harrison is aware of Charizard, if Ash just brought it out early like i suggested then Harriosn would have likely countered with Blaziken and the battle we saw would have just taken place earlier in the match. OR he would have brought out another...