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    Hetalia Club

    Bwah! Sorry that was me running and falling from Hungary. She wacked me with a pan Holds head in pain
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    Worldwide Romantics ; Hetalia Shipping Discussion

    Hiya! Let's know you! Where are you from and what country are you following? Also spazz out to your OTP if you have one I am happily reporting from America! But, I love love love Germany! My favorite is GerIta! Germany is all annoyed on the outside, but would do anything for Germany! They're my...
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    Hetalia Club

    Hungary scares me too
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    Death Note Discussion Thread

    Seen the series, and I adore L! He my future husband. (Yes I know what my username says, the thing was longer than 16 characters) Although (WARNING SPOILER) I almost stopped watching it when L died, but then my brother encouraged me to give Near and Mello a chance. Great series, love it! *Light...
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    What series do you ship in?

    Please don't hate me, but I ship Death Note characters L and Matsuda. I know, it's ridiculous, but I think it's cute
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    Hetalia Club

    Username: CrushingOnGermany Reason for joining: Love Hetalia ~<3 Country (what country would you like to "be"): Germany, but he's taken, so I'll be France