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    Couple Claiming Thread 6.0

    one more time Pokemon Pikachu/Pikachuu x Marshtomp/Numakorou - aSc1@3
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    Demons of Metropolis

    I just read this whole thing today(Missed the Bus, it can't come even within 10min. of the same time everyday), all I have to say is WOW to the 42nd power and that you like to kill the Toast at the end, don't you? First this, then Treehouse Saga... What's wrong with you!!! JK, but this story is...
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    Fic Request Shop (Open) - Updated 12/28

    Encyclopika, now that I read it over, your right. I wrote it in a rush right before bed, so I understand how you got the PWP. How about this: Name of ship: Pokeshipping. Names of Characters in pair: Ash&Misty. Plot: Ash is resting at a hotel, Misty back at Cerulean (however the author...
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    Couple Claiming Thread 6.0

    Pokemon Pikachu/Pikachuu x Marshtomp/Numakorou
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    Claim a song thread

    Children of Sanchez - Chuck Mangione - aSc1@3 Feels so Good - Chuck Mangione - aSc1@3
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    Couple Claiming Thread 6.0

    Pokemon Marshtomp x Pikachu *crosses fingers that it's the right format*
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    "What's This Ship Called?"

    I saw Mudkip and Pikachu(MudBoltShipping), so would you take MarshBoltShipping for Marshtomp and Pikachu?
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    Fic Request Shop (Open) - Updated 12/28

    Request... Yah. Name of ship: Mainly Pokeshipping. Names of Characters in pair: Ash&Misty. Plot: If Oneshot: Basically, Misty develops an urge to exprerss her feelings to Ash, so she goes to Hoenn, finds him, blah, fluff, love, fluff.-If Chaptered: Same thing, but lots of fluff, more...
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    Maggots of Society [Journey Fic - R]

    I just started reading this, and it is awesome. i was confused about the prologue and the first chapter until i looked at the titles. also, if jason found andrew, why does it seem that andrew is the boss? and andrew's personality in the prologue reminds me of Bean from the Ender's Shadow...
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    ~*~ Official Claim a Pokémon Thread ~*~

    Marshtomp - aSc1@3 - August 11th, 2008
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    Official Signature Check Thread

    need sig check please