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    Official PBR Recent Happenings Thread

    Made a counter UU counter for all those annoying scizors. Regirock. I really thought outside of the box this time. He has 266 Defence at 50 combat. He can take 2 life orb adamant technician bullet punches from scizor without dying. Enough time to switch in, and counter with fire punch.
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    What do you NOT want to see in HG/SS?

    I DON'T want the red gyarados to be counted as shiny, because what will happen to all the legit ones? (I caught a shiny magikarp in sootopolis in ruby) Maybe they could make it red but with no star?
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    My UU Team

    Here's my rate.... Crobat isn't UU anymore... And on espeon use shadow ball instead of signal beam. Gives you unresisted type coverage. I like that endeavor on ramprados, Otherwise pretty solid team. Edit: try to et rid of vespiquen, bad typing and takes 50% from SR
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    Official Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Help Thread - Small questions go here!

    I have a question about emerald... Does synchronize works on the regis? I heard synchronize doesn't work on The stationary legendaries, and I was just checking here...
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    Joke Teams/Underdogs. First comes laughter, then comes tears.

    I fought and all normal team and there was this defense curl rollout miltank that was killin my regice, scyther, and mr mime. It was EPIC! I got the pass too. LOL
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    Singles or Doubles?

    I prefer singles because whenever I do doubles its just ghosts and explosion. It gets really annoying.
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    Help with title?

    On ambipom maybe you could try giving him a toxic orb, and facade instead of double hit.
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    First UU Team. Any Comments?

    Yeah, fosslass is banned from from ou, so I suggest, my favorite pokeyman, Lanturn. He resists Electric, Ice, Fire, water, steel, and grass knot is 40 base power. He is pretty bulky, but I use him as a kinda sweeper. I run, Lanturn @ Expert Belt / Leftovers / Life orb Modest / 140...
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    Cymabals: whats good and whats bad.

    Hey! I'm a drummer too, and I play Alt/Emo/Punk/Screamo/Hardcore And I use zildjians, so my suggestion is to get the zildjians.
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    Pranks at school

    Well at my school I was outside, flinging rocks with a rubber band into the water... and the teacher walks by and a rock hits her in the back of the head! I pretended to read, and i never got caught. >:D
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    Just call me Noob

    Everyone may say they are stupid, but NU/UU owns! Anyway, They only thing I can suggest since this team is so unorthodox is signal beam on manectric, just for type coverage. You could even do choice specs overheat.
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    First Competitive Team

    If Mamoswine can live through an outrage or draco meteor, He could use ice shard to counter salamence. Just a thought. (You could even run a choice scarf mamoswine)
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    Instead of the OU teams,I decided to make a UU one.

    Wow, three of those guys are on my UU/NU team! Anyway... For my claydol I use 252 HP / 252 Def / 6 Sp Def But you can use whatever. And for scyther I suggest Reversal and focus sash. It surprises aggron and other steel and rock walls in UU/NU
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    RainSand team

    I think the only reason he posted this was for controversy... Anyway, Interesting Evs spreads, and a babiri berry on t-tar? I find that funny. Well, I find your team unusual, and I think you should try your hand at... UU/NU!
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    My UU/NU Battle Revolution Team!

    Thanks for the advice, I just used stealth rock as a filler spot, and also I was tired of focus sashes.
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    My UU/NU team

    It may seen a little risky, but maybe, you can try this for scyther. ;123; Scyther @ Focus sash Adamant 6 hp / 252 attack / 252 spd Swarm or Technician, Swarm can help drastically, but tech is for reliability. X Scissor Aerial Ace Reversal Swords Dance I use this on my own team, and...
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    My first team... Rate please?

    Changes In bold. I didn't change any of you EVs, but they could be improved.
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    My first team... Rate please?

    Changes In bold. I didn't change any of you EVs, but they could be improved.
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    My UU/NU Battle Revolution Team!

    Well, were talkin' about battle revolution. Remember it's full of infernapes and giratinas. Maybe your right, a just UU team. :P
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    I Cavalieri Del Baratro - An OU RMT

    But your dragonite has fight resist already. Oh well, It just a suggestion. :P