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  1. Valamis

    Content deleted by user

    Content deleted by user.
  2. Valamis

    Route 360º videos

    I must admit that wailord marea impressed me. And that are first 360 videos I see on youtube. I haven't seen such 360 videos before. Is that made in Source Filmmaker or in something else?
  3. Valamis

    Gallery Art by MayTrainer

    People mostly draw pokemons not trainers so it is interesting to see some trainers art at last : ) By the way - I'm curious how pokemon you could paint would look like.
  4. Valamis

    Realistic 3D Animation - Umbreon: Dark Pulse

    I tried animations in the past and I know how hard it is to make even short animation. I've never made such good animation. Umbreon fur shader (?) fits well. This looks great!
  5. Valamis

    Takoto's Art Thread [ mostly Pokémon, partially animals ]

    Hey, nice Pidgey! Good detail. Other artworks look good too.
  6. Valamis

    NebulaDreams' fanfiction art thread!

    Yes. Lucario is my most fauvorite pokemon used in Super Smash Bros Ultimate game on Switch and I like how you painted it.
  7. Valamis

    eViL-nErD's Pokepaintings thread ! <3

    Great 2D pokemon art! I enjoyed it. Interesting style.
  8. Valamis

    need names for some of my fakemons

    English is not my first language but I can try to create some names: 1. woozenel, 2. hinagon (this dragon), 3. fokotep
  9. Valamis

    Cosmic Gallery

    This style reminds me old cartoons somehow but with fresh look : ) nice.
  10. Valamis

    Lillie's Pikachu by DatsRight

    Ahh it is Ashachu! (there was 1 episode in anime with him)
  11. Valamis

    Charizard vs Blastoise fan animation

    Impressive. It had to take a long time to make this.