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    Underrated Pokemon

    The key difference however is I guess I failed to provide more info. For one, Empoleon has a significantly higher special attack compared to Slowking, making him far more effective for late game situations. While also tanking special hits, he does have access to Wish Support from one of my...
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    Underrated Pokemon

    As you can tell by the avatar and signature I feel Empoleon is highly underrated in the OU/Doubles department I have him set up as a special based sweeper for a trick room team (I completely forget the format for making it look appropriate so bear with me on that): Empoleon (Grif) Quiet Nature...
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    Souku's Project 365 with Pokémon

    Welp, this has been book marked. Will you put these into a DA account?
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    In the World of Pokemon

    Pokemon Battling is in a mutual relationship. For humans, we get entertainment, friendship, and a chance to prove our worth. For Pokemon, they get food, safety from predators and hunters, and a chance to evolved and grow stronger, as well as friendship.
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    Battle Mistakes

    It's not uncommon for me to accidently hit my stat boosting move twice. If It succeeds (I live), then thats a bonus. If it fails, well then I'm usually a goner.
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    Give the Above Famous Person a Pokemon Team

    Lucario Shedinja Basculin Dunsparce Mr. Mime Gengar Charlie Sheen - (This will be fun)
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    The Epic Nickname Challenge

    Ignore my post, I misunderstood the rules
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    Rate the Pokémon Nickname above you!

    4/10 on both. I do not like them, I know that they are Sonic Characters too. Garrus the Haxorus You dissapoint me if you don't think the name that came from this guy goes well with Haxorus: http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/8/80491/1264677-mass_effect_2_garrus_by_axep_h2_super.jpg
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    Rate the Pokémon Nickname above you!

    7/10 It feels off but it fits somehow. Alcatraz the Scolipede (Named after the main character from Crysis 2, I imagine my Scolipede as one who never talks)
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    Rate the Pokémon Nickname above you!

    I can't rate anything...... Grif the Empoleon. I imagine my own Empoleon as a lazy yet funny and friendly pokemon.
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    What did your Pokémon REALLY tell N?

    I'm going down the list of what I had at the time: N: So XXXXXXX, what do you think of your trainer? Scolipede: "....." Unfezant: "Who is this guy?" Samurott: "Touch me, and I shall unleash a force of a THOUSAND thunderclaps!" Gigilath: "Blardy Blardy Blar" Galvantula: "He doesn't eat...
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    What's YOUR favorite/least favorite generation?

    Favorite Tied between 2nd and 4th Middle in order 5th 1st Least Favorite 3rd Also, I've been playing since this hit America
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    1. Why didn't you stand up and debate against him? 1st amendment will kick in regardless of what he says. 2. I have yet to see it happen at my church. I'm catholic but they talk about actual problems or things we should learn, not berating popular stuff with lies. 3. Even if it happens, I...
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    Things in Pokemon that you wish there were in real life.

    The Pokemon themselves. If not available, the so-hightech-that-we-don't-have-guns society. (I love guns but a world without war with guns? Wow.)
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    Pokemon that have been dealt a bad hand

    I still use him but, Scolipede He's fast but the problem is that he lacks power. Once he gets a swords dance up he's good but, with out it....he can only do hit n' run tactics. Some may say Empoleon....but no. Empoleon has plenty of uses. Trick Room teams is where he kicks ***.
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    Rate the Pokémon Nickname above you!

    9/10 Thats the kind of name I like. Richtofen the Elektross (Richtofen is a Schiziophrenic, German, Mad Scientist in either 'Nazi Zombies' or 'Black Ops: Zombies', I always imagined it would work well with it.)
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    Your favorite mistakes in the pokemon show, games, manga, etc.

    They got two genders not only wrong, but voices were wrong in the PMD2: Explorers of Sky special. That special made me cringe.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Keep making more but don't update pokemon from before. And this is coming from someone who was around when it all started.
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    PokéPolice: An examination of Pokémon law enforcement and its incompetence

    One should understand that Gun Powder doesn't exist in the pokemon world. Law Enforcement? I guess its like Texas in the 1910's, everyone has a gun, and everyone takes law enforcement into their own hands
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    Your ideal Champion

    Here's what I would have Expected Alder to use: Braviary Volcarona (Starter that was opposite to yours) Gyarados Ferrothorn Salamence Too many bugs were dissapointing, also the music sucked.