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    Discussion of Serebii's Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Discoveries

    Just strolled into Pedalburg Woods and am loving the game so far. It's like traveling back to a favorite place full of good memories, bringing smiles from then and now.
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    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Worldwide Release Thread

    UPS just delivered my copy of AS from Amazon, I'm so excited! Tomorrow is suppose to be cold and rainy so I just might make a cup of cocoa, stay in my PJ's and immerse myself in the game :). Happy gaming everyone!
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    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire In-game Team Discussion Thread

    It's fun seeing everyone's thoughts on their various teams. Torchic and I bonded those first few moments on Sapphire and Blaziken has been part of my team ever since so for nostalgia I'll keep it as my starter. Then I remember seeing Whismer for the first time and thinking it was the cutest...
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    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Demo Discussion

    No, playing everyday doesn't unlock the secret mission. I've played everyday since Oct 21st and got the nugget mission on the 15th day, but have not gotten the secret mission. From what everyone is saying, the chance of getting it is rare and random.
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    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Demo Discussion

    I found the demo more tedious than fun after the 10th mission, but eh, it's a free demo. I agree that people need to realize there are opposing views in this world. Agree to disagree and then, if they so choose, give their opinion without being rude. If you like the demo, great!, just post what...
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    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Demo Discussion

    I wouldn't call it "awful", but it does get tedious. I felt the demo did what a demo is suppose to do - give you an idea of what ORAS will be like. I wish though that the "special missions" were more readily available to make it less tedious. Sure, they could have made them a bit hard to get...
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    Event Trading Thread

    Have an extra US GameStop Diancie code. If your interested PM me. *Trade Complete*
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    IV Bred Trading Thread

    I finally hatched my shiny Bagon :). 447 eggs later, I have several 6IV Bagons I'll adopt out to good homes for anything you'd like to trade. ALL are in a Pokeball, 6IV, Lvl 1, Jolly, Rock Head, with Egg Moves: Dragon Rush, Fire Fang, Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump 6 Females 4 Males PM me if your...
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    Hey, I wasn't ignoring you, was only looking at my PMs not my VMs :?/. I'm not sure what you...

    Hey, I wasn't ignoring you, was only looking at my PMs not my VMs :?/. I'm not sure what you have so maybe make me an offer on what you think is fair?
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    Pokkén Tournament Announced

    Yes, I understand the word shocking was for hype. I was being a bit facetious :).
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    Pokkén Tournament Announced

    I was hoping the "shocking" part of the special announcement would be more...well...shocking and interesting.
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    Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

    I have 200 BP for trade (however you wish to spend them), and a masterball. LF: 5-6IV pokemon or Shiny pokemon that I don't already have. PM me if you're interested.
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    IV Bred Trading Thread

    I finally hatched my shiny Zubat :). 420 eggs later, I have a box of 5-6 IV Zubats I'll adopt out to a good home for anything you'd like to trade. ALL are in a Dusk Ball, Lvl 1, Jolly and have these Egg Moves: Whirlwind, Defog, Brave Bird, Venom Drench 5IV male/female ALL Infiltrator &...
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    What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?

    I would ask them what they see as "correct" adult activities in their mind. I'd really like to know. Then I might explain to them the deeper game mechanics. In the end, the nice thing about becoming an adult, is that you realize it really doesn't matter what other people think about your...
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    Pokemon That Didn't Interest You, But Now You Love

    Farfetch'd never interested me until X. Since it was given early in game, it hung around on my team and I discovered Farfetch'd learned useful moves like Fly, Cut, False Swipe, plus he put his heart into every battle. He stayed on my team for the entire game, which surprised me.
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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    Congrats! :) OMgosh 9000 eggs takes a lot of patience. I'm trying for my first MM shiny, 400 eggs so far, and was ready to give up until I read your post. I'm trying for a shiny zubat because it was my first RE pokemon I think it was in Emerald, always wanted another one.
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    New Mega Evolutions Discussion Thread

    Not really that shocking. I've been playing since Yellow and I didn't remember that Slowking evolved from Slowpoke...because...I never liked slowpoke or it's evolutions so never paid attention to this pokemon at all. I completed my dex in Platinum and X, both times getting Slowking by trades. So...
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    New Mega Evolutions Discussion Thread

    These Megas are all well and good, but they don't really blow my skirt up. Contrary to a lot of people I do like M-Salamence - Bagon got his wish and then some. I find M-Slowbro kinda creepy. What I'd really like to see is some well deserving pokemon get regular evolutions. Dunsparse comes to...
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    New Mega Evolutions Discussion Thread

    Mega Salamence! YAY! Has always been my favorite dragon...sigh...happiness :).
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    X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

    I strolled into a new Friend Safari and the first pokemon I run into is a shiny Dunsparse, useless but cute. Dunsprase dreams that someday GF is going to be kind and give him an evolution, where he will finally be an awesome part of someone's team. Go Dunsparse :).