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    Dex Entry Trading Thread

    Hello. Looking for the following 5 Pokemon for dex purposes. I'll trade them back immediately. Milotic Garchomp Dragonite Flygon Wigglytuff Thank you!
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    Nassir's IV Shop

    I have skarmory. Trade for starly?
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    GMT +8. Asia haha

    GMT +8. Asia haha
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    Slyph's 6th Generation Breeding Shop

    Name(Forum and In Game Name): Breakwater, Julian Friend Code: Want: Turtwig Gender(s): any Ability(s): Shell Armor Nature(s): Careful Nickname(s): Timezone: GMT +8 Egg Move(s):any I have 5iv larvatar with egg moves. IDM imperfect for imperfect
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    goo's Hidden Ability Exchange

    Interested in the HA staryu. Have HA snorunt