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    Newbie looking for a new team

    Breloom @ Toxic Orb Poison Heal Careful (+SpD,-SpA) EVs: 60 Speed (to reach 191) 236 HP (divisible hp by 8), rest in SpD -Spore -Bulk Up -Seed Bomb -Drain Punch Volcarona @ Chesto Berry Flame Body Modest (+SpA,-Atk) EVs: Max SpA, 96 Speed, 160 HP -Quiver Dance -Rest -Fire...
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    When my mother was pregnant with me she was in an accident that should have killed her. She was rear ended and run into the truck in front of her but for some reason she had the idea/notion/feeling/? that she should park further back than normal and thus saved her life when the pipes, the truck...
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    Which Rights Take Priority?

    For most of those, the discrimination is based upon poorly translated texts. Noone agrees whether the bible says homosexuality is a sin or not so saying they have a right to discriminate based on religious reasons is a very poor excuse.
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    Storyline and Characters Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Unless the retcon Black/white, N went to another region and, from the quote I posted, kanto (and johto) and sinnoh are not closeby that leaves either hoenn or a new region. Hoenn being likely because we're not getting new pokemon we usually get from new regions.
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    Storyline and Characters Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    I'm guessing they'll be something like a new trainer with a specific, non-starter pokemon (like pokemon yellow or the gamecube pokemon games). We'll start in either a new area nearby or in future unova itself. From there we'll learn about what happened in B/W and move to the new region where...
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    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    I just spent the last few days using poketransfer in pokemon white to transfer all the pokemon from my previous games... Almost 1 of every pokemon plus a bunch of dittos, eevees, and a few shinies.
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    Quick Question.... Is there more box space obtainable in black/white. I just got to the research station and found out I only have enough box space for about half of the pokemon in game (only counting max evolutions).
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    The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

    I just caught a Shiny quirky (neutral nature) Sheer force rufflet. Any ideas on what to do with it? train or trade? IVS are roughly HP=0-2 att=16-18 def=30 spa=26-28 spd=16-18 speed=17-19
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    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    OMG I just caught a shiny Rufflet. Had to use my masterball on it though :/
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    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    There's one thing that'll always keep me from committing suicide. The memory of my uncle who died alone (was dead for 3 days before anyone checked on him). I vowed to myself never to die like that.
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    Taxes aren't a good reason to keep someone alive?

    If someone is willing to go thru an abortion, they're probably not going to be the best parents. I'd rather the abortion go thru than to have an unwanted child enter into a possibly abusive family and thus causing more finacial responsibilities of the state, be it adoption services, mental...
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    We don't buy humans...so why do we buy cat, dogs, birds: any animal

    You can buy people... it's just a shunned practice whereas animal buying is not.
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    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    I'm fine Willow'sTara. I've had some rough times but the anti-depressants, even though I'm still working on finding the right kind for me, help immensely.
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    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    I've returned yet again... finally got a copy of pokemon white. Boy my life's been a roller coaster. Been on anti-depressants, tested positive, went crazy multiple times, finally found a guy that seems to like me.
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    A Possible Alternative to Smogon Tiers

    I don't have excel nor have I done alot of math in a long time but some thoughts I figured I'd add. I read as much as I could of all the posts here. As for different abilities/held items.... If someone wants to do the math on their own to put their favorite pokemon as a lower rating then...
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    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    I don't know how active I'll be on the forums but I'm making a slight return to pokemon with the soon to be released HG/SS. I've missed alot apperently. For any of you that might remember me I went off to play World of Warcraft. I still play but I'm going to play pokemon too just a little...
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    Breeding & Egg Move Chains Help/Discussion Thread - Egg Moves list & FAQ in 1st post!

    from the first page: 12. Ice Punch: Hitmonchan/Medicham -> Buneary -> Sneasel 8. Hammer Arm: Rhydon/Swampert -> Cranidos those mean have a male hitmonchan/medicham that knows ice punch breed with a female buneary. Get a male buneay from that (it will know ice punch) and breed it with a female...
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    Complete Moveset Thread

    I'll make sure to use this whenever people actually use fly competitively..... as in never. And i'd use thunder over one of those probably since it also hits as well as sky uppercut.
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    Breeding & Egg Move Chains Help/Discussion Thread - Egg Moves list & FAQ in 1st post!

    Whenever breeding egg moves.... NO MATTER WHAT MOVE... the father must ALWAYS know the move upon placement in the breeding center. The only exception EVER to that is volt tackle on Pichus.
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    Complete Moveset Thread

    -Dragon Dance -Ice Punch -Waterfall/Aqua Tail -Earthquake/Crunch Since you have ice punch there is no need for dragon claw. Earthquake or crunch gives better coverage than adding a fighting move... even shadow claw is possible.