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    Anaxantix's 3d/2d dsi interfaces (game titles)

    ok, as the title says, these are my custom dsi interfaces, they are meant to represent the current gen of pokemon title screens with custom 3d/2d art. these is 100% custom by me, enjoy!
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    Pokemon mystery dungeon mugshots

    i used 3 mainly, gimp (which is like a free generic photoshop) anime studio, (an awesome animation program) and good old paint for assembly...
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    these are really good, but RM777 is right... i like dahila the most, but thorton has that looks that screams "who the heck is that woman?" in a monotone voice, amirite?
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    Pokemon mystery dungeon mugshots

    thank you everyone for your support... i've added sets 2, 3, and 4... i'm glad that somebody likes them...
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    Pokemon mystery dungeon mugshots

    i've been trying to get these recognized for awhile now... set 1 set 2 set 3 (1 custom fakemon enclosed) set 4 (1 custom fakemon enclosed) i'm not too happy about the fact that apparently they look bad... becuase believe it or not, they were rejected by tSR... i tell you guys...
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    enter: the anaxantix

    uhh... wow... your kindness is very welcoming... most of the time, i am cast aside... glad someone appriciates me... @pirate, thanx for welcoming me... check the fan art section... i already submitted something in 3d... all of the stuff is costum...
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    super smash bros. barrage (a simple 3-d test of animation)

    i'm making a 2.5-D version of brawl, this will not be a game... (it will be more of a test for 3-d characters and enviornments) it also contains 2D... i've made a checklist, so everyone can see my progress stages test stage 1 [ ] characters Tank the robot [] (custom famicom universe...
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    enter: the anaxantix

    hello, i am new here... i'm a pokemon fan (as if that was not apparent) i've been checking serebii almost everyday since about 2005... and am very pleased and honored to become a part of the serebii community i'm a 3-d/ 2-d anime artist and have many interesting qualities... my favorite...