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    Pokemon Sword & Shield - TRADING THREAD [Closed; Gen 8 WiFi Forum NOW OPEN]

    Looking for a foreign ditto (I'm Canadian) Can provide galarian ponyta or canadian ditto, or some other shield exclusive. PM ME :D
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    Kangaskhan, Farfetch'd and Gyarados Availability?

    I saw a Korean user on reddit post they farfetch'd
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    Youtube Ranters

    Just goes to show how easy it is to change the opinion of just one person. I guess it's also how people started believing in the whole 2010 and Y2k thing.
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    Dragonball Kai

    I honestly have no interest in watching it. It's just a higher definition. I already saw the original show and wouldn't find any interest in kai since it's the same story from what I heard.
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    Explosion, The "Noob Tube" of PBR

    Well it's a strategy your gonna have to prepare for either way if your foe is a noob or not. It just advances the meta game. Just think ahead and prepare for the worst and you'll be good. IMO complaining about noobs just makes your self a noob. Do something about the noob and show your...
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    The morality of RNG

    Better than people pokesaving or using AR and Gameshark (if GameSharks even around anymore O.O)
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    Today's Forum Downtime

    I thought TPCI finally got to serebii :S
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    LMAO I was actually off from exams. I had walked into my room and my closet door started shaking. I was like WTF sat at my laptop and was told it was an earthquake.
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    Should Pokemon follow In Yu-Gi-Oh's tracks?

    I think they should keep all the sets in play in the TCG just like yugioh does xP
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    I would like to take over a gym. Through a challenge!

    I would like to take over a gym. Through a challenge!
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    What was the first book you read?

    Something about banana's teaching to tell time ^_^
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    Friend Codes are BS.

    Say hello to the random battle feature in black and white or you can check out wi-fi battle tower matches
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    The Strongest Dragon type

    rayquaza he's an uber that should be enough proof
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    Server Downtime Notifications

    Great job serebii, looks like another crisis is averted through coding!
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    Server Downtime Notifications

    Oh man Serebii, that sucks big time man. I hope you've got backups in case your web host didn't. I'd hate to see all your recent updates and new features to the site go to waste.
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    You're opinion on Piracy?

    What's You're opinion on Piracy? My opinion is that people who are whining about getting governments to reinforce laws on this are wasting their breathes. It take a lot of effort to catch these pirates and most of them just get away. There too many to catch. Which is really sad considering a lot...
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    Can the Vs Recorder in platinum see vids from HG/SS?

    Can the Vs Recorder in platinum see vids from HG/SS?
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    What Extra-Curricular activities do you partake?

    Wow, I'm so odded out I'm on a robotics team....
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    Most shiny pokemon look dumb.

    Yea another example would be Magmotar. It looks worse as a shiny. Shinies are hard enough to get as it is, the least that could be done is making them all look epic.
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    What Extra-Curricular activities do you partake?

    What Extra-Curricular activities do you partake? Just wondering what people around serebii do besides something related to pokemon?