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    Official Sun & Moon Help Thread

    I was trading on the GTS and my connection got disrupted, I had to close and re-open the game and it said I had to wait until I could go back onto the GTS. It's been 3 hours now, how much longer do I have to wait? This is ridiculous.
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    Official X & Y Help Thread

    I don't know if I can get help here on this but. I just lost my hard copy of Pokemon X somewhere in the last 3 weeks. And I searched my house from every nook and cranny, I can confirm it's long gone. But is it possible to download a digital version of Pokemon X and transfer the save data from...
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    Event Trading Thread

    I have a spare Diance Code if anyone wants to trade for a Shiny Gengar code or a Shiny Gengar itself.
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    New Mega Evolutions Discussion Thread

    Is anyone else bothered that Mega Audino looks like it should had been a natural evolution of Audino?
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    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Expectations & Desires? [Not a speculation thread]

    But that chair in the Nintendo conference has so much to do with ORAS.... 4 legs. 4TH GEN! SINNOH CONFIRMED.
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    Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

    Friend Code: 2277-6826-8301 Pokemon in My Safari: Snorunt, Beartic and Piloswine Pokemon I am Looking For: Fletchinder
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    Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

    Friend Code: 2277-6826-8301 Pokemon in My Safari: Snorunt, Beartic and Piloswine Pokemon I am Looking For: Noibat, and Quilladin.
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Look in my siggy for wants/offers. THAT'S RIGHT LOOK AT IT. I'll jiggle my signature a bit just for you ;D
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Look in my signature xD
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    Mega Evolutions Thread

    The more information we get of Mega Evolution the more I like it, but the more I come to hate the naming.... There is no evolution about it, and the way evolution is looked at in the game/show is totally different from what this is. This is more like Form Change, or a transformation. They should...
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    It looks like a new eeveevolution. Flying or Normal to me as well :/ And here I am hoping for dragon, ghost, or rock...
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    Characters Speculation/Discussion Thread [USE SPOILER TAGS]

    Crunch, Dark Pulse... *Goes on the internet* Night Daze, Foul Play, and Sucker Punch. And don't forget every generation there are always new Moves, so you can expect some new dark type moves. (It doesn't mean that they will be very strong or not.) A dark gym could easily fit in the 6th/7th gym...
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    The Kalos Region Thread

    New smaller/isolated Towns sound great, maybe they could prove one of the few series of quests that will lead to a powerful legendary or a area with a presudo-legendary Pokemon, or simply Rare Pokemon you couldn't catch before.
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    Legendaries Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Yveltal's art is soo much cooler then Xerneas... It looks like Xerneas received a color swap/change so it didn't match Dialga too much. I still like him also.. GAAAH! IT'S SO HARD TO CHOOSE A LEGENDARY THIS GEN! I know I'm getting X no matter what... Maybe I should just suck it up and get both...
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    Is Pikachu That Strong (Really?)

    Didn't Pikachu lost his strength like twice now? (I forget the first time.. Then the 2nd time at the beginning of Best Wishes where Pikachu lost to a snivy?) I agree, Pikachu lost his specialness. Ash lost the league AGAIN. I'm seriously fed up with the anime's formula now, I kept trying to give...
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    New Gameplay Graphics Thread

    Some people think the glory of Pokemon died with the original 151 (Or 153 if you include Ho-Oh and Togepi.) But then people argued the 2nd Gen was always going to happened and that the main series ended with Gold and Silver. But newer fans thought the 3rd Gen was the Final Glory, or so did 4th...
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    New Gameplay Graphics Thread

    So potentially we have anywhere between 150 or less New Pokemon this Gen. It can't succeed to 800 Pokemon because then they would had said so. Man.. I wonder which Pokemon will have the honor of number 1,000?
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    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    And the Fire starters were supposed to be based on the Chinese Zodiac, and yet Fennekin is a Fox; which is a animal NOT in the chinese zodiac. It seems that Nintendo is breaking fan-fict/theories this generation
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    Legendaries Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I hate having to pronounce Yveltal.. (Ee-Vell-Tall) I keep saying eviltall... It would had sounded better (Yeh-Veh-Tal) I like Xerneas though. (ZURR-nee-us) it sounds very nice, and it's much easier to pronounce.
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    Starter Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Where did your friend get this image?