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  1. Hu Tao

    predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

    Possible that Pikachu will change Tera Type often across the series. It's like how Pikachu used a few different Z-Moves but now Pikachu is no longer forced to use a type that corresponds to his moves, increasing possibilities. On the other hand maybe Pikachu will stay Tera Electric because...
  2. Hu Tao

    Now that Project Mew is over, what are your thoughts on it?

    Lol Groudon and Kyogre being both Mew threw me off and just BS writing but whatever. I remember one of the Decolore Islands fillers featured a Zoroark disguised as both a Nurse Joy and an Audino, but the Zoroark couldn't be both at the same time. So Nurse Joy calls Audino and goes to the back...
  3. Hu Tao

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    Best Wishes is underrated. Okay it's far from good, think bad Team Plasma arc, writers not knowing what to do with Team Rocket Trio , Trip is just worse Paul, Ash reset, Decolore Islands basically only filler besides introducing Alexa, some gym battles like Elesa and Roxie just being bad...
  4. Hu Tao

    What are some huge points in the anime that you think completely destroys power scailing?

    Could mention Masters 8 Rillaboom jank + Newly Revived Dracovish vs. Iris + All of Best Wishes, been mentioned already here tho. There's not much other ridiculous examples other than JN and BW but theres some that sorta count imo. Cynthia and Flint being way too overpowered in DP. Sometimes...
  5. Hu Tao

    The Future I Seize (1223)

    Grookey was training the whole time by using Goh's head as a drum... Also they really nerfed Kyogre and Groudon like that. Remember when those things could literally have covered the entire world in eternal drought or cause Noah's Ark levels of mass flooding a couple decades ago? One of those...
  6. Hu Tao

    predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

    I assume this has been said already but I cba to scroll through pages for this. If Ash is coming back, I would give him one of Koraidon or Miraidon like the games did. His first legendary and lore wise they are weak in their respective dog like forms and have to be awakened to their boxart...
  7. Hu Tao

    So how much do y’all think the PWC is going to be referenced in the new *possible* series?

    Well kalos league was basically never mentioned in SM, and even in JN it took up to the filler alola episode with the Kommo-o trainers for Ash being a Champion to br acknowledged. On the other hand they can introduce Nemona as a fellow champion level trainer who could realistically beat Ash if...
  8. Hu Tao

    Thoughts on the Masters 8/PWC as a whole?

    Georgia was watching Iris vs Cynthia with a smile, even though her last appearance in the anime was losing to Iris and her Disobedient Dragonite and being annoyed about it, rip development for her cuz she was the last mean rival we got in the anime and her rivalry as a Dragon Buster never got...
  9. Hu Tao

    Finals IV: Partner (1221)

    What I like about this battle especially was that the ending clash was just a simple Pokemon battle with no gimmicks. The finale of each season in XY and SM involved a gimmick in some way, so Pikachu Z-Move or Ash Greninja vs. a Mega opponent, and it's strangely refreshing because the last...
  10. Hu Tao

    Finals IV: Partner (1221)

    Just finished the episode, not sure if I was ever expecting the Ash vs. Leon finale to be anything but great, at the very least. The preview was stunning but it was definitely justified to be pessimistic about the ending because the ending for Ash battles are super inconsistent and tend to be...
  11. Hu Tao

    Finals IV: Partner (1221)

    I'm a bit late watching this, so far I watched to the point where Cinderace lost in G-Max. I get that 2 Gigantamax clashes would be excessive, and they've already shown off the moves G-Max Cinderace could have used except G-Max Fireball, but it kinda sucked that the Libero ability didn't see...
  12. Hu Tao

    November 11th: PM2019 132 - The Finals IV: Partner

    On the other hand, if the battle was shorter we would see more mons getting defeated quickly with little screentime. Think Gastrodon, Gengar, and Dragonite during Ash vs Cynthia, and Dracovish and Aggron in Ash vs Steven. Also this ep will be like 50% to 75% battling and the rest will be on...
  13. Hu Tao

    Nah, I pulled for Ganyu instead on the last banner

    Nah, I pulled for Ganyu instead on the last banner
  14. Hu Tao

    November 11th: PM2019 132 - The Finals IV: Partner

    haha yep, that battle was only a bit longer than an episode and everything was getting 2 shot to get to Charizard vs. Blastoise. Trust me I am still disappointed by JN and I feel that it had absolutely insane potential when it first was announced, and seen a lot of the potential gone to waste...
  15. Hu Tao

    November 11th: PM2019 132 - The Finals IV: Partner

    What's the deal with Pika Papow? Like, it's an LGPE exclusive move so it's weird to include it now (unless ofc the LGPE exclusive moves get added in the future), and its animation in that game is basically how Thunderbolt is shown in the games (bolt coming down from the sky) with no extra...
  16. Hu Tao

    November 11th: PM2019 132 - The Finals IV: Partner

    Imagine if they put the only well animated and tbh better than XY&Z 10 seconds into the preview and the rest of the episode is just Lance vs. Diantha tier stiff animation...
  17. Hu Tao

    Finals II: Toying (1219)

    Not a terrible battle. Animation is not amazing and worse than the first part imo, but it could be okay in HD. It's at least passable enough for a Journeys episode and they could be saving the budget for the next episodes (which from the preview, they will look much better than this episode)...
  18. Hu Tao

    October 28th: PM2019 130 - The Finals II: Toying

    I'm still on copium that reserves with gimmicks (G-Max Melmetal when), rest of Galar gym leaders + maybe Mustard, and proper Project Mew finale with G-Max Cinderace (maybe even throw Team Rocket, Volo and Rose in there for extra craziness) to happen in the supposed extra 10+ episodes after the...
  19. Hu Tao

    Which Pokémon of Satoshi, his companions, and Team Rocket should evolve?

    James' Mareanie should have evolved in Alola imo. Don't think a non-shiny Toxapex ever appeared in the anime. It would happen right after Jessie vs. James in the Alola league, and would make Gladion vs. James more interesting. Obviously plot wise it wasn't an important battle but it could have...