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    What was the inspiration for your username?

    A long time ago, I thought "Sneasel Inferno" sounded hip and cool. A few years later, I realized it wasn't that hip and cool, so I decided to abbreviate it. Sneasel because I love Sneasel, Inferno because I've always loved fire types.
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    Your future Career.

    I've dreamt of owning my own restaurant for many years, and that's kind of evolved into a bakery/brewery/local music lounge type of thing. It's so cool how many possibilities there are with food businesses.
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    Advice thread

    I have an off-brand of invisalign, called red, white and blue. They've done wonders for me. Relatively painless after the first week of each new set (I went two phases, red white blue red white blue, because it didn't work the first time enough). Plus, now they're my retainers. No wire...
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    A Journey Through Time, Space, and SPPf.

    I joined in the summer of '05 and LOVED it here. It was all I did for about two years. I saw a Team Aqua club in the clubs section, it was kind of like an RPG. I loved Ruby version, so I started Team Magma, and that had great success, before it was closed (and ultimately, 2.0 ownership was...
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    Pokemon Villain Discussion

    I liked Rocket in the cartoons, in the First Generation. Then it got a little old. I've always hated Aqua, and Magma is my favorite. Also, Galaxy is pretty lame.
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    Terrible Luck

    Yesterday, prior to Über-EV-Training a Pinsir in Heart Gold, I had to catch one. So I was running from the pesky Weedles and Kakunas and Caterpies... you get it... and I was tapping "Run" any time it WASN'T a male Pinser with Mold Breaker. Little did I know, without looking, I realized last...
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    Very good point with the yen and robots. lol. But I'm talking hypothetically, if they are actually hired people...yeah.
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    I thought of something while in Goldenrod's department store the other day, virtually speaking of course. The people who work in marts and department stores in the Pokèmon games, how much do you think they get paid an hour? Or another question is, what's minimum wage for a worker in...
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    The SUMMER 2009 Thread of Death: What in God's name is happening?!?

    I wasn't too surprised, but still, a lot will miss him. RIP
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    Relationships - BFs/GFs/crushes

    I liked a girl in 8th grade, never really stopped, and she admitted she's in love with me yesterday? I'm so speechless, but she has a boyfriend, so I don't know how that works... I'll just sit it out.
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    What's happening at school?

    I'm in 10th right now. It's pretty easy. I've gotten some solid A's on my tests, and on top of it all, I'm 3rd chair in our trumpet section in the highest band in the school. There are 9 trumpets, and I'm the only one that isn't a Junior or Senior... :3
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    what country would you like to visit

    Finland. I'm composed of 100% Finnish blood, so it would make sense.
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    Do You Use Bug Pokemon?

    I use Yanma and Yanmega consistently. Also sometimes Scyther and Scizor.
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    Do you evolve your pokemon's?

    Only when I need them for battle, which is pretty much always. So yes.
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    What is your favorite Regional Bird/Rodent?

    Swellow, and a toss up with Linoone or Furret.
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    What Region Would You Live In?

    Sunnyshore, Sinnoh Fortree, Hoenn Olivine, Johto But if I had to pick one region, probably Hoenn.
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    Rats, Roaches, Killer Bees; Infestations! AHHHHHH!!!!

    Little spiders. Lots of little spiders. I also had a bunch of larvae all over my window curtain. It was disgusting.
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    Your predictions for your school year.

    I guess none of my classes are hard this year, except for our American Lit. class. I can't wait for school. This summer's kinda been a bummer.
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    Your weird tastes in food

    I put sugar on a lot of things. Fruit, understandably, but also on things like cheese. I also put hot sauce on a lot of things, but who doesn't?...
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    Hey Dep... how's it going? It's been a while.

    Hey Dep... how's it going? It's been a while.