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  1. J

    ☆ The Official Claim a Pokemon Thread Ver. 6.0 ☆

    Clawitzer --- jadeVelocity --- December 9, 2013
  2. J

    GWSC Week 27 Poll

    Voting for Mew the Gato. Really digging the monochrome color scheme going on here.
  3. J

    X/Y sprites: the making of

    In regards to Mega Aggron, I think its worth noting that its tail has actually already been shrunk down. On two separate occasions. Mega Aggron's tail is seriously huge, and I had to work hard to get it to fit in frame in a way that satisfied Smogon's artist base. So yeah, GameFreak obviously...
  4. J

    X/Y sprites: the making of

    Lurker Level A++ Back from Smogon again, and I brought gifts for all of the good little boys, girls and sprite projects! All of these are unedited versions of the sprites I have submitted to Smogon's thread over the past few weeks, only containing that work which was carried out by...
  5. J

    X/Y sprites: the making of

    Actually the Braixen was based pixel-for-pixel off of the ingame model, so all of the proportions should be correct more-or-less. Aside from that, feel free to edit Clawitzer and Meganette, as I've heard my style doesn't mesh with Gen V the best lol.
  6. J

    X/Y sprites: the making of

    I made these for use on the Pokemon Showdown battle servers for Smogon under my alternative screen name of aXl. Figured they could work for this problem as well, so here ya' go. +)
  7. J

    GWSC Week 13 Poll

    I can't turn down Ice Cream head Scraggy. Volcanic Toxic gets my vote this week.
  8. J

    GWSC-Week 12 poll

    Voting for StonE EdgE. The sprite came out really well, even if it didn't have the most scratch work.
  9. J

    GWSC-Week 11 poll

    Noobies looks legit. I could see that being the Mega Manectric I have my fingers crossed for in X and Y. +)
  10. J

    GWSC-Week 10 Poll

    My vote goes to Noobies this week.
  11. J

    GWSC-Final Week #10 "Finally the final of the final weeks"

    Going to sexing Keizaal's post on a word-for-word basis. I'd gladly back a Gen VI spritedex. +)
  12. J

    GWSC-Week #9 Poll

    Going to have to vote for Lost^(tm) on this one. TomthePom's sprite looks pretty nice, but I feel its more of just a breeder with a cap instead of a Young-Breeder. After that, Lost^(tm)'s sprite looks the most anatomically sound out of the remaining ones, and looks like a pretty real character...
  13. J

    GWSC-Week #9 "Can't beat em', so join em'"

    Yeah, so I went with something a little weird. I decided to fuse B2/W2 Cynthia with Magic Queen Jujube/Bellelba/Sabrina from Pokestar Studios. So yeah, this was interesting, especially considering I got to see the Pokestar Studios sprites for the first time.
  14. J

    GWSC-Week #9 "Can't beat em', so join em'"

    I have actually never fused two trainer sprites together, or messed with trainers at all for that matter. This should be fun.
  15. J

    GWSC-Week #8 "GWSC-EX"

    Cynthia's Lucario, from the Platinum Supreme Victors set. This thing took upwards of ten hours to complete. I wonder where my week went, lol. Oh yeah, and its dimensions are 464x320 and uses a total of 14 colors. I forgot how much I hated shading obnoxiously big areas with tiny pixels...
  16. J

    GWSC-Week 7 poll

    Going to have to go with WPS this week. The concept was executed remarkably well, and it was one of the reasons that contributed towards me giving up on entering this week, as I felt I couldn't come up with any concept that could easily match it, given the theme. Doing other things also had some...
  17. J

    GWSC-Week 6 poll

    @Umbreot: It seems you posted up two different versions, looking at the submission thread. The one shown as the contest entry is the one that was displayed on the post, while the one you're showing now was on the hyperlink attached to your submission post. Not sure how it got changed, but you...
  18. J

    GWSC-Week #6 "More gales of darkness"

    Yeah, no idea how to remove attachments, so I can't help much there. Maybe try playing around with the advanced editor? Anyways, here's my entry. Shadow Virizion, with a couple of minor edits to make it look more sinister, mainly with color palette. Primary modifications: -Made the horns more...
  19. J

    GWSC-Week #6 "More gales of darkness"

    Just a quick listing of viable Pokemon, for anyone who's interested. Victini Reshiram Zekrom (Not sure what you could do to make it shadow, so would probably make for a fun challenge) Kyurem (B Kyurem and W Kyurem aren't allowed) Virizion Cobalion Terrakion Landorus (+Therian) Thundorus...
  20. J

    GWSC-Week 5 poll

    Voting for FrostyVoltorb. Also, I was kindof surprised someone didn't just submit a Metagross as their entry, lol.