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  1. Diarkia124

    Things that upset you (in general)

    The success of the Los Angeles Dodgers
  2. Diarkia124

    Pokemon Go Discussion

    Got really lucky with the daily incense and encountered both Zapdos and Moltres. Even caught Moltres and am now having him as my buddy to show off.
  3. Diarkia124

    Theme Parks

    I used to have a season pass to Six Flags since Marine World (or Discovery Kingdom) was a few minutes from my house. This also worked at Magic Mountain which I occasionally went to. I was someone that used to love going on all the biggest rides but those days are long past me lol
  4. Diarkia124

    The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

    Parts of it will be but it'll be very limited. I think one of the mods tried archiving as much as they could of the reincarnation.
  5. Diarkia124

    The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

    The forums associated with Marriland is going to shut down permanently tonight. The site has been on the decline over the past few years to the point where I forget it rivaled Serebii around 12 years ago. Pretty sure a video of it still exists somewhere.
  6. Diarkia124

    NFL/NCAAF Thread: We don't huddle anymore in our society.

    I still can't believe they lost to the Giants 3 times in a row at home in 2012. That entire postseason was probably the most unexpected run outside of Bumgarner carrying the whole team against KC. As far as CFB goes, my alma matter is usually among the worst teams in FBS, even losing to some...
  7. Diarkia124

    I've been on this forum for over 12 years and only realize now there are profile posts.

    I've been on this forum for over 12 years and only realize now there are profile posts.
  8. Diarkia124

    Countries you have visited and how much you like them

    I've only been to a few countries. Visited: Philippines (4 occasions), Japan (2 occasions) Layover: South Korea, China Seen: Mexico (visible atop the Coronado Bridge in San Diego)
  9. Diarkia124

    Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (and others)

    We could have had another reveal this E3 but I have doubts that would happen. Still hoping that Crash somehow makes it in the game.
  10. Diarkia124

    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    So far, my favorite Pokemon are Gear, Hihidaruma, and Wooguru (dubbed Wargle). As for starter, my favorite is Tsutaja (dubbed Smugleaf by GameFAQS).
  11. Diarkia124

    Funniest quotes from TV

    Here is mine from George Lopez Show: George: "California may have gangs, under-aged drinking, teenage pregnancy, and drugs, and you might see cops beatin up a guy on TV, but they're both wearing sunglasses and short sleeved shirts because everyday, it's sunny and 80 degrees. Thats why they...
  12. Diarkia124

    Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

    My favorite part of the games is the battle music. Based on the demos, I found out that this is the probable battle music when you fight Cheron and Belle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHZy4aqJns8 As for the difficulty of the game, I believe that the average levels of everything will be...
  13. Diarkia124

    Back in the Battles

    FULL THREAT LIST Defensive Threats: Blissey - Lucario mainly covers this with Close Combat and a Swords Dance if it sets up prior to it. Salamence can Brick Break if it comes down to that. Bronzong - Rotom-H can safely Overheat without any worry from Earthquake or Explosion. Salamence...
  14. Diarkia124

    Back in the Battles

    Intro and Prelude The team presented was first made when I was in the Marriland Tutoring Program (the first one) with MajeSan. The theme of the team had grown to be offensive and over time, it has changed. All six of the original members have been taken off. Today, this is the team as it stands...
  15. Diarkia124

    I'm Back

    Okay, so I've been off of battling for a while and sort of need a new start. I'm going to make a team. This one is a UU team because I love that sort of "element of surprise in the OU game". Descriptions may allude to a UU game a bit, but don't let that bother you. So here it is. It's an RMT...
  16. Diarkia124

    ~*PokéWalker*~ Are you going to use it? If so, what for?

    I'll use it around school as long as it is quiet, and maybe as I go around the city or walk home.
  17. Diarkia124

    Purely Offensive and Offensively Defensive

    I see everyone's point with the MixApe problem. What about Latias, HP Ice fails to 2HKO it.
  18. Diarkia124

    Purely Offensive and Offensively Defensive

    About Mixape, I'm pretty sure it is stopped by Gliscor. Suicune runs Ice Beam to catch Celebi and Salamence off guard.
  19. Diarkia124

    Purely Offensive and Offensively Defensive

    OK raters, I fixed the mentioned typos. I had rushed while editing this on Smogon.
  20. Diarkia124

    Purely Offensive and Offensively Defensive

    I made that title and have no idea what that means ;) You know the drill, rate. First Look In-Depth Look Lucario @ Focus Sash Inner Focus | Adamant 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd *Crunch *Extremespeed *Close Combat *Counter Lucario is the answer to the Jirachi problem I have...