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    Bidoof, annoying or amazing

    Bidoof is the cool one so I'd vote "Amazing" for him. Bibarel on the other hand...*loads a shotgun and aims*
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    Why do Americans think they don't have accent?

    Everyone has an accent, you just notice some more then others, especially as you get older and meet more people from different places/backgrounds. As for the nationality debate on country vs country that only seems to happen on the internet/online games where people across the globe have this...
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    How long does it take you to beat the E4?

    Quickest was about 3 days in Pokemon Diamond. I just raced through the game. Now though I like to take my time in games because I have this new-found dislike of "wasting" money on things by completing them too quickly >.> Silly but true.
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    Difficulty in Pokémon.

    I'd say the difficulty is pretty much perfect. It's easy enough to pick-up and have fun but not "too easy" where you can destroy anything that gets in your way without much effort. It would obviously be "a tad too easy for experts" because experts are just that ;) They would know alot more...
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    What if you had to quit pokemon?

    I don't really see pokemon as something worth even thinking about quitting, a new game comes like every 2-4 years (main series, excluding spin-offs) and the games for me normally last about 2 months of playing alot till I eventually get bored. I can't really think of any reasons for me to want...
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    BW anticipation!

    ^I agree with all the compliment comments. The game is truelly outstanding! I'm on the part where I prepare for the 3rd Gym and i've seen enough to say this looks like the best game out of all the Generations!
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    Interracial Dating, your thoughts?

    I don't really see the problem, if you love someone you should love them no-matter what they look like. Anyone who doesn't like your choice should keep their opinion to themselves.
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    BW anticipation!

    :O Anyways tomorrow's the day:D Got my money ready and all I need to do is go to work and buy it! then reset the game continously till I get a female Snivy. I can't wait!!! I know little to nothing about the game so this should be alot more exciting then DPPt and HGSS.
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    The Most Common Pokemon ever.

    Zubat... I hate Zubats... Geodude comes second.
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    BW anticipation!

    8 Days left in the UK :D I've got it all planned out, Go to work, Finish work (9am) then walk a few small steps to my local gaming shop since i'm near like 3-4 videogame shops + the big shops like Argos ;)pick up Black version then go home and work on getting a female Snivy straight away :D...
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    By the time you're 60, you've slept for 20 years

    It depends on how I feel, sometimes I sleep 2-3 hours and other times (like around christmas) I managed to sleep almost all day and all night only waking up for food,work and other important tasks). I'm currently in the 5-6 hour mode although I accidently voted 3-4 :P
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    What is the most memorable Kanto Region City?

    Excluding Pallet Town (because thats an obvious one;)) I'd go for Lavender Town, that place really creeped me out when I first went there on Blue Version. Ghost: Get OUT! Get OUT! Me:What type of pokemon is that?!?!?! :O *throws my Blastoise out* Me: Lets catch it! It might be a Haunter :D...
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    Reshiram or Zekrom?

    Reshiram; it just looks the best <3 :D Zekrom on the other hand...Not so much, it's not bad but it just doesn't appeal to me...(looks like a digimon with a slowbro-tail to me, can't remember the name of the digimon i'm thinking of but it was from Series 1)
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    Anyone get to lvl100 WITHOUT rare candies/hacks?

    Yes, many times. My first pokemon Squirtle (who evolved into Wartortle and finally Blastoise) was my first pokemon to get to level 100 and did it legit. and so have almost all my other starters/pokemon that I really liked. I think my most recent is a Ninetales that I hatched at the beginning...
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    Favorite Team Rocket Heist

    "Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine" episode from the Diamond and Pearl series automatically gets my vote. Double Trouble made it even better <3.
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    Favorite season

    Fall, It's gets colder which I like because I can't stand the heat yet stays warm enough not to freeze to death.
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    Fire/Fighting Starter Getting Old?

    To me yes, Fire/Fighting starters are getting old, even though I don't use them (Grass and Water type starters are my favorite). When I first saw Tepig/Pokabu I was hoping for a Fire/Ground type starter (I had thoughts of a giant hog with it's tusks and hair made of fire rolling in mud for no...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    I'm sure theres ways around it... Like illegal breeding/Pokesmuggling ;) (so Yes Alakazam for you:D) I would probably be on the neutral-side of things and keep myself to myself, just doing what I want and keeping away from other people unless I need to.
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    (Ingame) Strength or Strategy?

    Brute Strength all the way. Ingame the only time I use strategies is either i'm trying to obtain something (legendary) or I'm trying something new instead of my typical "get 5-10 levels higher then the others and 3 hit their teams" method.
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    What's your favorite Color?

    As of recently Purple :P dark purple...