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    Sexism and Profiling of Men

    Ok, I can see your point on earning money being a factor, BUT we both spend money on stuff to take care of our look. I think you're over-generalizing men on the stereotype you see on tv. You know, the fat, lazy man on a couch with a soda can on his stomach watching tv? You see, we spend...
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    Community POTW #62

    In doubles it can do decently with EQ until a Flying type/Levitate user/Priority abuser/Choice scarf user comes by. Trick room always goes last and Shuckle's slow speed makes sure it's sturdy defenses are still up while it's getting pummeled, so it has a chance at setting up Trick room +...
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    The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

    I thought Monkey would be the most obvious. :l Think about it, it's a one letter difference.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Choice band + Choice scarf + Metronome Awesome.
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    Togepi used....Special Rend?? The Metronome Thread!

    Me and a friend occasionally have metronome battles, and the oddest things happen. i.e: Togepi used Metronome! Togepi used Hypnosis! Foe's Togepi fell asleep! Foe's Togepi woke up! Foe's Togepi used Metronome! Foe's Togepi used Dark Void! Togepi fell asleep. =/
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    They may already exist. Multiverse states that there is an infinite amount of galaxies, none being exactly the same. The odds of real life pokemon within these galaxies may be low, but look alike animals may be out there somewhere. Oh and, it's just a theory, so don't get over-excited.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    That's a matter of opinion.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    I used to cheat with AR in friendlies to get things, but it got very boring very fast. I stopped playing pokemon for a long time because of how bored I got. When I realised EV training would be better and more satisfying than hacking, I completely stopped, and I'm glad I did. It brought the fun...
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    Community POTW #53

    I would recommend 4-8 speed EVs to outspeed other Mandibuzz's, possibly Dragonites, possibly Brelooms, etc. (Even though it's rare, I don't expect you to really miss those 8 EVs when you taunt a different Mandibuzz). Unless of course, it's in a trick room team. Just a suggestion.
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    Community POTW #51

    ^That and nope, even without flail, Magikarp can eventually OHKO it with struggle. :)
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    Community POTW #50

    Why give 252 speed to a Unburden Hitmonlee? All it needs to out speed Jolly Accelgor after a Fake out is like, 40 EVs with Adamant nature. You can contribute to it's lacklustre HP with the remaining EVs.
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    Guess who will post after you!

    Nope. Vali
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    Community POTW #47

    Sir helpsalot Gallade@Focus sash Ability: Steadfast EVs: 252 Hp, 6 attack, 252 speed Nature: Jolly (+Speed, -Sp.Attack) Drain punch Thunder wave Will-o-Wisp Pain split May seem frail, but holy moley, this set has helped me out SO MUCH. This Gallade is just a basic support Gallade...
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    A Team for the Battle Subway

    Watch out for Whiscash. Screwed me over WAY too many times with Curse + Rest.
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    offense or defense?

    I usually go something like Serene grace + Air slash Togekiss to weed out what my opponent has, then use the defensive or offensive pokemon necessary and just predict from there and on. So I guess both, but I prefer defense.
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    embarrassing pokémon related stuff that you were actually proud of

    Same here, way back in 5th grade. ^_^'' Was fun, but weird.
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    Pokemon that have been dealt a bad hand

    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, hold on. Flare blitz? This is Nintendo and Game Freak logic. IT'S LEARNING V-CREATE. Jokes aside, it REALLY does need Flare blitz. :(
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    Umm... Nevermind. So how are you.

    Umm... Nevermind. So how are you.
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    Did I do something wrong? D:

    Did I do something wrong? D:
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    Community POTW #38

    That's actually pretty good, gimmicky, but good.