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    Opinions that most people won't like/isn't mainstream

    That is an excellent way to put it. Even though I'd prefer to not be discriminated against because I am transgender, a lot of people would prefer to enforce the rigidity of "your bottom bits always determine what you are", even if it impacts my life and mental health negatively. Some more...
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    If you are in college, what is your major?

    I'm majoring in biology with a minor in computer science. I plan on making money by being a data scientist; it is very lucrative field because not a lot of people are trained and there is a high demand. Then I hope to use money to somehow weasel my way into nanoscience. Wow, I sort of feel...
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    The Stupidest Person You've Ever Seen.

    That's not stupidity, that's ignorance. Worse, he or she was trying to learn something by asking a question and you call them stupid for it? Would it be okay if I called you stupid when you ask an honest question about something you didn't know? Seriously, most of this thread is making fun...
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    I'm back from the dead. Haha, had a tough semester at college -but holidays yay! I'll be reading...

    I'm back from the dead. Haha, had a tough semester at college -but holidays yay! I'll be reading your new chapter and posting a review shortly.
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    Puberty Thread 2013 - Growing grass in the backyard~

    I got all of you beat: I went through puberty twice. ... No, I'm not trolling.
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    Official News Thread - Misc To Replace CNN

    Your storm was even worse than our Hurricane Katrina. The seas are getting warmer, regardless whether it is mainly caused by carbon emissions or not, and this will result in more frequent, stronger hurricanes and typhoons. This isn't mother nature's wrath per say. There is extremely strong...
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    Opinions that most people won't like/isn't mainstream

    I really look down on ancient civilizations such as the Roman Empire and think they get far too much praise. Sorry, just can't respect them much. No matter how hard I try, I always view them with contempt because of their misogyny and allowance of slaves. My civilization is no shining example...
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    Share one lesson that you learned in life

    Something that utterly shocked me was realizing how limited science is at understanding the world around us. I realized it when I was starting to make things that required knowing the relationship between many, many variables. The current scientific method absolutely sucks at finding out the...
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    Pixar thread

    This is not considering the Toy Story movies, in which Toy Story & the sequel are my actual favorites. 1. Monster's University 2. Monsters Inc 3. Up 4. Finding Nemo 5. Wall-E/Ratatouille (it is a tie) I'd love to see how they do The Good Dinosaur. Can't wait for that one.
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    I can't name it what??

    I found a new pokemon so odd, in an endearing way, that I decided I wanted to nickname it "queer". Where I'm from, it isn't used in a bad way. It is simply another word for "weird". Also, it is used as an identity (ex. genderqueer). I was really ticked off when I couldn't call it that. If I have...
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    Opinions that most people won't like/isn't mainstream

    I said "they are usually not referring to homosexuality", so I can't see where you got that I thought they meant "that exhibits so many stereotypically gay characteristics". Something that comes across as "carefree and happy to the point of being ridiculous" is often seen as stupidity and...
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    Opinions that most people won't like/isn't mainstream

    I know this isn't a popular opinion being in the LGBT community myself, but I have to agree with you on this one. Words do evolve and take on new meanings. For example, "gay" did not originally refer to a male homosexual. The original meaning is an adjective for someone who is very happy and...
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    Pixar thread

    My top favorite Pixar film is Monster's University by far. It has some truly crushing moments, and it has the most relevant, modern moral out of all the Pixar films. I think if I wasn't a college student, I wouldn't care for it in the way I do now. I was incredibly disappointed in Brave, and it...
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    Opinions that most people won't like/isn't mainstream

    -Pit bulls (and other pit breeds) are inherently more dangerous than other dogs; so, all owners of a suspected pit bull breed should be required to have a special license or class training. Just like golden retrievers were made to retrieve, just like hounds were made to sniff, pit bulls were...
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    Opinions that most people won't like/isn't mainstream

    I did say that the likelihood of a man doing it is 9x more (90%) than a woman (10%), so I did mention that women do it too. Granted, estimates by how much are all over the place and I'm giving a generous upper bound of how many women do it. Two more opinions and I'm done for a while: -People...
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    Opinions that most people won't like/isn't mainstream

    Even if you take into account unreported cases, it isn't going to be a 50-50 margin. It still would be far riskier to leave your child with a male child care provider. And I'm talking about pre-puberty children (ages 2-12), where a child care provider is often needed. Not many are going to blame...
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    Opinions that most people won't like/isn't mainstream

    Some un-informed opinions: -Most people are bisexual, would have intimate times or fwb with same-sex friends, but society suppresses it. Some more informed opinions: -I can understand why parents refuse to have a male caretaker or babysitter and perfectly support their decision to seek female...
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    Opinions that most people won't like/isn't mainstream

    More smaller opinions without facts that are really unpopular for most in my social group: -Yes, being completely vegan or vegetarian is more expensive. -Your pets are not human children. You treating them like they are is damaging to their psyche. -To curb global warming would take a...
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    Opinions that most people won't like/isn't mainstream

    What's the point of this thread? People won't say their real opinions in fear of backlash. And, if the reputation system is up, they could basically lose all their reputation. Since I know my opinions are from years of research into both the sides of conservative and liberal, I'll post it here...
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    Supernatural Phenomenon

    It is either that or there is some consciousness the permeates the universe that can be accessed in certain situations and times. Whenever I tell atheists this story, who then insist I must have known the language somehow, but then I remind them that I can't do something I haven't learned or...