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  1. Kameinu

    June 9th: PM2023 010 - Nemo and Colza

    The schools can simply be the two houses of Paldea Academy. Put Arven in one and Nemona in the other. Make Clavel’s outfit be a half and half outfit. Not rocket science. How they handle Nemona will be big on whether or no I actually stick through with HZ. So far so good, but it’s just starting.
  2. Kameinu

    Thoughts on Game Characters being in just ONE episode?

    Hate it. We waste so much time in one shot forgettable COTD’s, rather those episodes be used to explore game characters more.
  3. Kameinu

    Are you fine with Ash having an Open Ended climax to his story?

    It’s the most fitting ending for him. It’s just how his character is. Never ending travels. TRio on the other hand…
  4. Kameinu

    Why all the sloppy writing and inconsistency?

    This has been an ongoing issue post OS and got worse going into BW. It’s nothing new. JN scrambled last minute to get their **** together.
  5. Kameinu

    Is Ash lowkey wealthy?

    He most likely got compensation for winning the Alola Conference and the PWC. He could have amassed a small fortune by now, and has the potential to generate more money if he’d want to. I don’t think he cares honestly. Whatever money he may have earned he probably told Oak and his mom to use it...
  6. Kameinu

    Will they continuously switch protagonists from now on?

    Please. I don’t want anymore leads being stretched into nonsensical oblivion and character distortion like Ash was.
  7. Kameinu

    Things the next Anime could do to improve upon the last.

    Please use more from the games plot. No more soulless COTD plots like a Pokémon is lost and protag needs to help or shallow bullshit like that just to fill up the run time. SV has a lot to draw from and built upon. Also build up on the character relationships and chemistry. That goes a long way...
  8. Kameinu

    New 11 episode series, "Pocket Monsters: Mezase Pokemon Master", starts January 13th 2023

    It’d be kino if Primeape came back only to evolve to Annihilape. One of the things they could take advantage of in regard to the timing of this series and it’s supposed meaning.
  9. Kameinu

    New 11 episode series, "Pocket Monsters: Mezase Pokemon Master", starts January 13th 2023

    It’s hilarious to read all this in hindsight, having been in these forums since I was a little kid in the early 2000’s. How shipping wars have expanded only to be the same as back then only scaled to 100 and having 3 different generations of people arguing now. I just want fun dynamics with...
  10. Kameinu

    What were the negative parts of Journeys for you?

    The same as every series except dialed to 11. Bad planning of everything. So much time wasted at the beginning. If the initial objective wasn’t for it to become this 25 year celebration with cameos, then why the hell was Galar given pathetic screen time? We barely met half the character roster...
  11. Kameinu

    Team Rocket fans, are you dissapointed by the way we’re handled in this series?

    **** that gacha machine. That whole skit was horrible. They got amusing with the whole podcast subplot. They’re great when they have a subplot of their own and/or funny Pokémon characters like Bewear hanging around them.
  12. Kameinu

    Was Journeys the correct series to end Ash's Journey?

    Yes. The problem was in the writing and execution.
  13. Kameinu

    Which returning character was treated the best?

    Serena. They did her character justice and actually added to her development. I loved how her adventures propelled her into becoming the girl we saw in that episode. To hell with shipping.
  14. Kameinu

    In the end, what was Goh's purpose?

    Guinea Pig to try out how a new protag would affect the series without committing to taking Ash out yet. And jump in the POGO bandwagon.
  15. Kameinu

    Are you content with Chloe and Goh technically being his final canon companions?

    They where fine. Underwhelming and badly written for the most part, but they had good premises, maybe better than others that came before. They just got screwed.
  16. Kameinu

    January 13th: MPM01 - The Wind of Beginnings! The Eon Path!!

    It’s funny that its only in the earlier seasons that other characters like Gary and Ritchie also bring up wanting to become a Pokémon Master. I don’t recall anyone talking about that goal aside if Ash, or not in relation to Ash.
  17. Kameinu

    January 13th: MPM01 - The Wind of Beginnings! The Eon Path!!

    That’s everywhere the show can be discussed right now. Topics that have barely had any traction in years, like Altoshipping, are coming out of the grave. One of the positives of the show ending hopefully is the volume will go down on these topics. On the actual topic of Latias, the only...
  18. Kameinu

    January 13th: MPM01 - The Wind of Beginnings! The Eon Path!!

    If it’s not M5 Latias…what is even the point of this episode in regards to this miniseries being a “last farewell” to Ash? That he may finally catch a legendary? But the anime already seems to pretend Nebby is Ash’s.
  19. Kameinu

    If Journeys was the final appearances of companions (for a very long time) how did you feel about it?

    We where at a point in this show where it took many companions and former recurring characters almost a decade and hundreds of episodes since their last appearance to show up. I think it what they had planned for each was fine, except maybe Dawn,she’s just aimlessly wandering around. And Paul...