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    Do you listen to music while writing?

    I do, quite often, but both pairs of headphones are broken in one ear and I'm not exactly well enough up on funding to be able to buy a new one. >:I It's not making life easier, I can give you that.
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    Redemption - A Journey Fic (PG-13)

    Okay. So reading through the prologue, two words kept ringing through my mind: "Awesome!" and "What...?" The war itself was done well, but you really shouldn't have taken so much time to explain what the Legendaries looked like. In the middle of an action scene, every word that isn't directly...
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    Wings Have We

    No, hilariously, I am not dead. Just... severely lacking in the writing department. XD And the mirror wasn't physically made of Mismagius... they just got their otherworldly power forced out of them or... something. I don't pretend to understand 507786's trains of thought. ._.
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    NaNoWriMo 2010

    I've tried it a number of times before, but this year, I think I'm just going to steer clear. All of my writing time will be dedicated to getting the fics I already run back on track. XD
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    2010 Fanfiction Awards - Suggestions & Planning Thread

    Breezy makes a point with the plot twist thing. While putting something along the lines of "Lord Jimbob is actually Bobjim's tyrannical future self" is all well and good, it doesn't hold much meaning for those who aren't completely familiar with the story, which is most likely the majority of...
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    Wings Have We

    {31} casey and the amazing mirror The room was decently lit, but it still managed to convey an uncomfortable feeling for the three people currently going through the proverbial shredder. “Well, Miss Solana, see,” offered one of them, a woman with brown gravity-defying hair and a rather...
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    Inspiration Needed

    Can't say that Neopets roleplay sessions ever helped me, but to each their own, I suppose. XD Personally, if I were you, I would start off with things that require rather less inspiration than most stories: one-shots. I'm sure your one-shots won't be twenty-page doorstoppers like mine are, but...
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    Guess the NP, Test your ESP!

    Ha ha no. Mrs. Lovett, herp derp.
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    Back-editing, and a constant dissatisfaction

    This is so very unbelievably true. I could go on for ages about how god-awful Metal Coat was and how I'd love to just go back in and retool the entire story (there's really no saving the script in its present form, considering that some of the more integral bits - like, say, the entire plot of...
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    [PG] Abecedarian ◁◁

    chapter five “If I take this book out,” said Rodney, “then will I be able to turn it in at a library in some other city? Like, say… Solaceon or something?” “Yeah, su… oh.” She looked totally casual until about halfway through the sentence, wherein she was staring confusedly at the book. “Hey...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

    So... after much over-leveling, Ventus has been taken off the list, and I'm starting Aqua's story now. I should probably be grinding so that I can beat the stupid Trinity Armor on Terra, but I'm just procrastinating here. Gack.
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    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

    I started off as Ventus, and I've been making good progress across the game - at least until I got to Neverland. So... many... Unversed...
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    [PG] Abecedarian ◁◁

    chapter four Somewhere between Solaceon and Pastoria is a small town called Cherton, and this was where Rodney found himself now. Specifically, he was in the Pokémon Center, lurking in the corner and waiting for his team to be healed. The members of Rodney’s posse, including Tristan, had...
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    How is the Pokemon in your Fan Fic?

    Most of my characters' Pokémon act pretty much like humans who speak a language almost nobody else understands. This means that they interact with other Pokémon as humans would, and since Pokémon understand the Unown dialect (i.e., the basic equivalent of English) they can understand human...
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    [one-shot] The Cat and the Cradle

    Keep in mind that this story was written in three days and edited at two in the morning, so it may not be the best... heh heh... heh. Well, it won second place in the Small Writing Contest at PokéCommunity anyhow, so fire away. The Cat and the Cradle. At thirty-five years old, it was...
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    fireredshipping fic

    Make the partners change each round. Separate Ash and Dawn in Round 2, make Dawn and her partner lose, and have Ash and Zoey be stuck in round 3 together. That's all I can think of, since I don't think there's a way to remove one person on the team and not the other.
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    Guess the NP, Test your ESP!

    Er, not quite. FlamingRuby? :o
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    More than 4 attacks?

    They eat it, obvs. XD Anyhow, I do tend to stick to the four-moves-a-mon approach when it comes to battling. I know, most of you claim it sounds unrealistic, but I've never run into any problems with the Pokémon having only four moves. I know that it was a function put in back in the day to...
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    Wings Have We

    {30} the most hateful and cursed Despite the fact that a large and (at first glance) pointless pair of sunglasses hid his eyes, his sunken face was nothing short of bitter. Hair fell in his face – long, oily strands which suggested they hadn’t seen a comb in a very long time. Sitting on...
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    Preview for the Pokémon Amber fanfic

    Yeah, agreed. Retina makes it sound...unpleasant. Like you're a kid who wanted to make a catchy name, but couldn't be bothered and hoped that nobody would noticed that he filched the name from his last Science test. I know that you obviously didn't do that, but it's not really the best name to...