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    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Expectations & Desires? [Not a speculation thread]

    Yep. Because of them giving new formes to the mascots and getting mega evolutions involved..I was hoping they'd approach creating Hoenn in a more fresh manner...but it looks so incredibly copy&paste...I mean I look at some particular island or corner etc and I know where the trainers stand c_c
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    Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

    "Once the trial ends, you will have a short period to either renew your subscription to the yearly one, or withdraw your Pokémon before they are deleted." - 19-02-2014 07:15 GMT Sorry, but do you think Gamefreak is insane? Last time I checked, nothing is deleted, you merely cannot put Pokemon...
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    The Lack of Kalos Pokemon

    Sorry, I thought my reasons for excluding him would be obvious. Not just a legendary, but also part of trio that have the same design basis (which makes him worse as an example of what a Flying type is supposed to look). So basically what I meant is a Pokemon that you can point to as an...
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    The Lack of Kalos Pokemon

    Again, with a dex that includes 380 old pokemon.. and after the largest gen that had the strongest Bug presence ever, I don't see how one Bug-line is not okay, especially when Bug is the type that has been covered greatly every generation before. Not just were ones like Scolipede and Yanmega...
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    The Lack of Kalos Pokemon

    First of, I would like to present my definition of what I will mean by new pokemon in this topic: -completely fresh unrelated family-lines, added to fill casual roles. Regular pokemon. -Meaning starters and legendaries for example are irrelevant here, because they are a given, and their...
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    Legendary Pokémon Thread v2

    What Kaiyo meant ~20 posts ago was simply that Gamefreaks reasoning to put a shiny-block on legends might have been as an EXCHANGE for them having 3 perfect IVs. There was no reason to go on tangents about how shininess worked in gen II or any of that, because no one said the two facts are...
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    Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

    Litleos/Pyroars gender ratio is wrong. It's actually the first reverse-starter case, meaning 1/8, or 12.5% male. I found this out because it was weird that I didn't encounter a single male Pyroar in a safari for more than an hour, so I decided to hatch 100 Litleos. Only 11 were male. I know...
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    Gameplay Speculation/Discussion Thread

    They seem to be reluctant on giving it Flare Blitz to the point that I am rather hoping for a Fire-type Outrage/Thrash to be introduced and added to its learnset.
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    Gameplay Speculation/Discussion Thread

    We've all been over the usual fanmade types like Light, Sound, Wind in discussions long ago and I seriously doubt that we would get new types at this point of the franchise (I mean surely if there was something that is obviously not covered, they would have noticed in the past 649 designs and...
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    hai there :^)

    hai there :^)
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    could be, I was there mostly trying to tell people that there arent RS remakes coming...but with...

    could be, I was there mostly trying to tell people that there arent RS remakes coming...but with the announcement of XY the thread lost its meaning xDDd currently just active on the beach tho ;D
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    Do you think that some pokemon types are unnecessary?

    Every of the 17 types is justified and combined they cover anything one can imagine quite nicely. I used to think 17 was such a weird and random number.. but actually, if you look at normal as the "default" type, you're left with a nice 16 (4+4+4+4, 2*2*2*2) Anyhow. In my view, right now the...
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    Why are Unown based on English characters & not Japanese?

    english? wow. maybe that's the problem- if you figured how widely the latin alphabet is used in the world the question would be redundant :B
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    The fact that HALF of the old pokemon shown in trailer (including in actual overworld statues) is gen V, I'm quite confident that this region will be like Sinnoh, but with the old being a focus on gen V and fanservice. Lets assume a dex of 200-250. Lets assume 100 new ones. Lets say 20 of...
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    Should Pokemon eventually get 4 or 5 stages of Evolution?

    If they ever wanted to make more than the 3 stages, they would have done so in the past 5 generations. No they would not. The "Basic" thing is entirely made up by TCG, along with the redundant "Baby" stage which only serves to cause confusion and makes people think there are 4 stages for...
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    Legendaries Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I doubt any of the mascots will be fancy dual types. with fancy I mean ones that involve 2 proper elements, like Grass/Electric. Look at what we got till now: Psychic / Flying Fire / Flying Water Ground Dragon / Flying Steel / Dragon Water / Dragon Ghost / Dragon Dragon / Fire...
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    no more fire/fighting

    Its a nobrainer really. Im sure there isnt one person who would actually want another one. I would however like to see a casual Fire/Fighting pokemon or maybe even the less likely reverse Fighting/Fire combo...on say something with just 2 stages.
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    Welcome to the Myoto region!

    #066(715) -- Ponty - Water #067(716) --lv.36-> Horseidon - Water
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    Anyone else think Poison type needs a buff?

    I just wanna point out that you cannot talk about balance between offense and defense of a type. I mean, just because Ice and Rock for example are amazing offensive types, it does not justify for their defense to be utter crap (especially in the case of Ice). Because offense and type...
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    Anyone else think Poison type needs a buff?

    Poison>Normal Poison>Dark Poison>Water Yep sounds about fair and reasonable.