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    Any body still playing these games?

    I really regret not buying so many more DS games in Japan. At the Book-Off second hand stores (which are EVERYWHERE) Diamond or Pearl were only 200 yen while Pt or HGSS were 500. I can't believe not buying more. Not ideal if you're someone who doesn't read Japanese though. Similar deals on GBA...
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    Hi, I've recently started playing the TCG online and was wondering if you had any booster packs...

    Hi, I've recently started playing the TCG online and was wondering if you had any booster packs left to give away? Also, your referral link is broken. TheDarkrai
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    PokéRadar & Chain Fishing Thread

    Happens to me sooo often. So, what's everyone's highest fishing chain? I've managed to get to 51, but am still not finding shinies :( Guess I'm just unlucky.
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    The Kalos Region Thread

    Ah. My apologies then.
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    The Kalos Region Thread

    Rotom perhaps? There isn't so far a way to change Rotom's form, is there?
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    Shiny Pokémon & PokéRadar Thread

    Yeah, it is annoying that you can't see how high your chain is now. They could have made some sort of utility for it. It does make sense for the old method not to work, seeing as they would change the mechanics around a bit with the re-release of the item. Eventually we'll get a better...
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    The Team Flare Thread

    Reminds me of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TJ3Yv_vgUc
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    Catching Shiny Pokémon with the Pokéradar - READ FIRST POST

    Got a shiny Starly as the first thing I've ever successfully chained today! Nidoran broke the chain immediately afterwards, so only 1... :( Haven't decided on a name yet, but this encourages me to keep going with chaining from now! Shuko's guide helped me a lot. Thanks!
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    Most powerful Pokemon in Rse

    I always like to run Lanturn and Cradily.
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    The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

    LC or OU Looking for an OU or LC battle. White FC: 3525 9605 9952.
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    sandstorm team

    Sorry, this may not be strictly related to your RMT, but you needn't rule out reuniclus and poison heal on your gliscor when you could easily trade for them on this forum we have here.
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    Dream World Trading Thread

    Need a DWF lileep.... have many DWFs i can offer in return including eevee, poliwag and vulpix. PM me.
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    #345 Lileep / #346 Cradily

    Looking for someone to trade me a DWF lileep. Will give another DWF you dont have or an egg move or something.
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

    Not bad. I got a Shiny Vulpix the other day while I was breeding DWFs for a friend and and I happened to be using my English Ditto at the same time (this was on my japanese black) and one came out shiny. Unfortunately it got flash fire instead of drought, but, as you say, it is always nice to...
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

    Yes, the method will still work when the parents are different species. Good luck on your sneasel!
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    Official 5th Gen. EV/IV (Training) Thread

    Anyone know where one could find a Little Cup EV Training Guide? I can only find them for 4th gen, but I'm playing 5th... I get that wings are the best way, but it would be nice to have some low-level hotspot suggestions etc... Bridge drops are tedious to collect. EDIT: This is all I could come...
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    Random Matchup Metagame

    Rotation, anyone??? Random Matchup being rather unpopular on Serebii and Smogon, I am quite surprised to see a thread for it, though everyone seems to be narrowing their conversations to single battles... I started playing Rotation recently and found it a lot more interesting because there...
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    Fossil Pokémon

    Oh, sorry. I didn't mean reference to Mewtwo, just the fact that they would love to have an army of identically powerful pokemon. Imagine an army of their Dark Celebi...... Anyway, we're getting off track. Fossils. I personally like Archeops, but I don't like the fact that Game Freak went...
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    Fossil Pokémon

    Ethics of not creating unnecessary duplicates... Obviously team rocket never thought of this. Agreed, a saber tooth Pokemon would be great. If game freak intend to continue making new fossils each generation, why shouldn't we get saber tooths? What type would it be??? Something/rock, judging by...
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    Fossil Pokémon

    Cloning using Fossil Restoration technology On the topic of fossil pokemon... The smart researcher guys who turn your fossils ALIVE... How do they work? Is it based on cloning from a Pokemon's DNA? If this is so, could they clone a ;;382; Pokemon ;383; using the same technology??? I mean...