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    Mew Event ( Glagow ) Is A Shame!!!!

    Seriously, that sucks, I'm sorry for all of you.
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    what are you going to do with mew?

    If I get one, train it up and keep it my team. Uber, yes, but I honestly don't give a sh*t. If I get two or three, trade them as gifts... but ask for something as rare as rocking horse poo in return!
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    Toys 'R' Us UK Mew Giveaway Event Discussion

    Going to the one in Warrington, it's only about 45 minutes away. I have a few questions though... 1. How long is the queue at around Midday time? Just to give me an idea, I know each event's different. 2. Can you get a Mew on two different cartridges? Like bring two games and have them put...
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    Attacks you think pokemon shouldn't learn V.2.

    The little hole they have as a mouth at the top of the plant.
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    Shedinja-related question

    But then essentially, you'd have two attacks worth, unless the pokemon is something like Mime Jr. or Cleffa. Though the AI of wild pokemon is so bad sometimes you could probably count on them using Leer.
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    Shedinja-related question

    Yeah, it used Scratch. I don't even know what happened, it just went "whoosh". Normal shouldn't affect it should it? EDIT: Ack, sorry, wrong pokemon all together. I was using Nincada. ¬_¬ Sorry about that, didn't read it properly...
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    Attacks you think pokemon shouldn't learn V.2.

    Why not? It's a cursed bug, I'd let it do whatever it wants. Maybe the sand is summoned from the crack in the back of his shell...
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    Psyduck or Shellos?

    Golduck, as he can learn water and psychic attacks, valuable for the Ghost Gym Leader later on.
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    Attacks you think pokemon shouldn't learn V.2.

    Zubat shouldn't learn Mean Look... it doesn't have any eyes.
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    Shedinja-related question

    Focus Band's/Focus Sash's didn't work when I tried it. I tought it some really good moves and went against a Meowth just outside Celedon. It was faster and used Scratch. Down in one, so I stashed it a box awaiting transfer to Pearl.
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    Mew Event ( Glagow ) Is A Shame!!!!

    Wow, definately not cool. Trouble is, this may put people off going to events in the future to obtain Shaymin or Arceus. They'd better sort their acts out before then, and one link cable? I can see three now, and I'm far from working for Nintendo. They could've borrowed mine.
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    Backwards speak ?

    I would've hidden something better than that in, something like "I gave away my Weezing and all I got was this lousy haircut".
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    how do you rationalize the existance of pokemon that there are only one of in game?

    Someone say my name? *looks side to side shiftily* Yeah, you've got to be pretty lucky to get these anyway, but they must've realised there's got to be more of them. Hence why we can find Farfetch'd in the wild in Yellow.
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    What would a new type be?

    Ammonia? Bit deep. Glass sounds interesting, maybe a type that has one or two pokemon in it only, make it a bit exclusive. Crystal Onix and Steelix for example. Makes it more of a challenge to battle and gives it a twist. The ??? Type is a good one to develop, but I've wrongly established it...
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    What would a new type be?

    Sound is good, but many of the pokemon it could apply to already have duel types. Voltorb, Electrode, Magnemite, Magneton, Mangezone, Whismur, Loudred, Exploud, Kricketot and Krickitune. I like the idea, of wood, light and the ancient type in itself. Some good ideas people.
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    Backwards speak ?

    Well this clip has never made me want to buy any 4Kids DVD's or any Leo Bennett merchandise... until now. *runs to Wal Mart*
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    Move Question

    Unless Foresight is used, in which case Normal Moves will work on Ghost pokemon.
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    Your Dream Anime Team

    Mr. Mime - Metronome, Siesmic Toss, Psychic, Light Screen. Eevee - Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Mega Kick, move reserved for an Eeveelution. Carnivine - Vine Whip, Leech Seed, Solar Beam, Crunch Togekiss - Fly, Metronome, Sing, Dream Eater Swish.
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    Favourite Gym Leader

    Blaine, his quizzical style and almost "evil genius" persona is mysterious and downright cool.
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    Your strategy catching Latias/latios

    Mean Look, Hypnosis, let quite a few turns pass and throw Timer Balls. Worked for me. As long as your pokemon is strong enough to take attacks if it wakes up.