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    Best/Worst Evolution?

    Gliger to Gliscor / Pidgiotto to Pidgeot are the best Monferno to Infernape / Treeko to Grovile are the worst
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    Next Pokemon Thread IV: A New Hope (Use for capture/release/evolution speculation!)

    Is it confirmed that Ash will get all the three starters of this region??
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    The Semi-Final Frontier! (657)

    I hate the fact that one of Ash strongest pokemon (Swellow) lost after one hit!! what did Ash say to Swellow after it's losing to Latias??
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    DP 189: Semifinals

    I think it's Swellow
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    So now it's confirmed - Dento will be the third main character with Ash and Iris

    GYM Leader!! just like Brock in kanto?! why does he want to travel with Ash?? don't tell me he wants to become a breeder!!
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    DP 189: Semifinals

    it will be stupid if Ash use his jhoto pokemon vs Darkrai!!
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    DP 187: Satoshi VS Shinji - Rivalry Battle Finale

    really?! I did't see this picture. but why would Paul recall Drapion if he is doing very well? by the way! I heard Reggie says: so it's Drapion time or something like that!! I wonder what does Reggie know about Drapion ?!
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    Will Iris be more popular than Dawn?

    sure.. Dawn is awesome but sometimes I find her personality a mix between May and Ash!! Iris looks different than Dawn and has a fresh personality.
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    DP 187: Satoshi VS Shinji - Rivalry Battle Finale

    The preview showed Torterra in only one second. I think he will lost to Drapion without a single win!! and, Drapion will knock out Staraptor and Buizel. and, Gliscor will be the one who beats Drapion and Ninjask!! and, Froslass will beat Gliscor. Froslass vs Pikachu will be draw...
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    DP Arc End revealed?

    I will miss Paul and Zoey!
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    Legendary Trainer's Face Revealed

    I wonder what Issuh pokemon he will use vs. Ash!! can't wait
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    Do You Still Watch the Anime?

    I will watch it till sinnoh ends.
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    DP 187: Satoshi VS Shinji - Rivalry Battle Finale

    Ooooooh NOoooooo why?! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay no Magmortar!! Paul should use it vs. Ash Ash is using his sinnoh pokemon is a good thing. Paul is using different pokemon is a bad thing.
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    They're really not showing any older characters watching Ash's league this time

    I have a feeling when Ash faces Darkrai's trainer, Oak will be beside Brock and Dawn and his mom too!!
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    DP 187: Satoshi VS Shinji - Rivalry Battle Finale

    What is this blue thing? Is Infernape under attack or could it a new move for Infernape? and where the pictures come from?
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    DP 186: Ash vs Paul

    only one episode?? I think the battle will be 3 vs 3 !!
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    legendary pokemon from Sinnoh League: identity revealed

    Stand by for battle, Noctowl.
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    So Ash using Heracross proves he can use Pokemon not in the opening

    I think Ash will use Sceptile, Charizard, Swellow, pikachu, Squirtle and Bulbasaur in his last battle vs. the legend pokemon trainer! sinnoh team will be tired from last battle against Paul team. and don't expect to see Totodile, Noctowl and other weak pokemon vs. legend pokemom!!
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    Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Port (648)

    don't forget, Ash always uses his worst and untrained pokemon vs. coordinator. Taillw, Aipom and Buizel.
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    Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Port (648)

    why did Flint talk about Cynthia all time? Is he going to challange here?? when can I get the music that played when Jasmine sent out Steelix?