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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Just saw the new starters and... i dunno, i'm a bit disappointed, the fanmade ones looked better. but i'm sure they'll grow on my after a while. right now i think i'll start with Litten, hopefully he'll have a cool final form (i was a bit let down by Delphox, despite loving her first two stages)
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    Which Pokemon game did you think had the best remake

    I love all the remakes. FireRed and LeafGreen made it possible to play again with a nice updated look and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire made me a fan of Gen 3, which was originally the Gen i hated the most. But HeartGold and SoulSilver were in my opinion not only the best remakes, but the best...
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    your inbox is full. i'll be online to help you with the rest of Gen 3 and 4 later, i gotta go.

    your inbox is full. i'll be online to help you with the rest of Gen 3 and 4 later, i gotta go.
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    Dex Entry Trading Thread

    just need Groudon to complete the Hoenn Pokedex on Alpha Sapphire, will trade back of course, THANKS! and i can offer help with any legendaries needed
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    Mystery Dungeon Help Thread

    i've never played any of the Mystery Dungeons before, which would you recommend i try? i can play any of them (advance or ds). i'm interested in story mainly and lots of pokemon options
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    Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?

    need help evolving my Porygon and Spritzee please, willing to help evolve your pokes in return :D nevermind, thanks Dragga :) if anyone needs help evolving their pokemon, please pm me.
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    Which Gen 2 Game Did You Play?

    Crystal was my introduction to Gen 2, but later i played Silver and Gold. Crystal was my favorite pokemon game until the HGSS remakes came out.
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    Digimon discussion - Digimon Ghost Game now available on Crunchyroll

    i'm a bit disappointed at the 6 episodes only thing, but the animation looks awesome! and it looks like we'll get Alphamon vs Omegamon 2.0 i really hope Dorumon makes an appearance, he's my favorite digimon.
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    What HASN'T been made into a Pokemon yet?!

    i never said i don't like stylized creatures, but Electrike doesn't look like a wolf, nor does Manectric. Mightyena is more wolfish and that's based off a hyena. this is my ideal looking wolf based creature: Sangloupmon i thought Doduo was based on an ostrich... OMG yes, Mega...
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    Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?

    looking for help with trade evolving Karrablast, Shelmet, Gurdurr, Pumpkaboo, Boldore, Swirlix, and two Clamperls. please pm me thanks!
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    What HASN'T been made into a Pokemon yet?!

    hasn't this topic been done already? as far as i recall, none of those are digimon either, though a cardboard box has been used to hide digimon in the real world (Takato's Guilmon and Masaru's Agumon) the voodoo doll idea sounds cool, i'd love to read the descriptions on that pokemon XD...
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    What's the most recent ship you've got into?

    i don't have any new anime ships beyond a couple Naruto ones, but newest ship overall would be Oliver and Felicity from Arrow. That shows loves to mess with the shippers though (according to what i've read of interviews, both actors support the pairing too).
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    Digimon (All Seasons) Shippings

    I used to ship a lot in Digimon, but now it's dropped to very few. here are my OTPs per series. Digimon Adventure 02: Yakari (Matt and Kari): This was a product of fanfiction, but i still love this pair since i started shipping it in i believe 2004? Michi (Tai and Mimi): Another fanfic...
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    Naruto General Shipping Discussion

    Ah Naruto, the series where i ship the most. So i'll break it down into sections. OTPs (in no particular order) My top 2 favorites, divided up by pairing type. These are the ones i search for and read tons of. Looking for Doujin of these be they friendship or couple. Het: KakaRin To be honest...
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    RMT please for official tournaments [Semi-Fire Team]

    Yup, that's the one i'm talking about. and no, i wasn't aware you could only enter 4, i figured it was 6. As for legendaries, i've never really used them before. I am entering primarily for that Amaura for breeding its hidden ability. If i decide to go with a legendary, would Reshiram be a good...
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    RMT please for official tournaments [Semi-Fire Team]

    This team will be used in the Dragon doubles tournament, but I plan to use it for singles too. since fire types are my favorite I’ve tried going for mono type, but with flexibility (open to other options though). This team has been tested in the Battle Resort (except for Leafeon/Umbreon, which...
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    What Are You Collecting?

    i collect any merch for pokemon in my main collections, but for anything else it's just cards and zukan
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    Offical Nickname Discussion thread

    I always nickname my pokemon, here are some of them: Charizard: has a few different ones - Charmer - This is the name i gave my very first Charmander back in blue, it's a nickname that stuck and i still use today. There have been a few other nicknames for Charizard when i wanted to try...
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    "Unloved" Pokemon

    really? i thought Pikachu was more used because of light ball.
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    What Pokemon do you collect?

    Main Collections: ;004; ;006; ;038; ;135; Side Collections: :498: :643: New Collections Still Growing ;155; ;470; :552: i only collect cards of: ;151; ;058; ;059; ;037; ;133; ;134; ;136; ;196; ;197; ;228; ;229; i also collect fire type zukan Some pics: