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    I'm tired of aruging with someone who knows they are wrong and is now trying to confuse the masses, I'll run it by the rest of the group very simply and explain why using close combat in Psychic form is a bad idea. 1. no form of recovery. Slow mons generally get away with being slow because...
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    Half the tier is rarely used anyway. 90 speed is not that great for Meloetta. Sure, its pretty decent on something with bulk and/or good typing but here we have a pokemon that is either A) A psychic sweeper or a fighting sweeper. It's psychic form could be used as a bulky sweeper but again, I...
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    Just ran a calc, guess what. Technician Breloom's Mach Punch can 1HKO with a Life Orb 108-128% This is a check to Darkrai if and only if Breloom is carrying a Life Orb, +Nature and Darkrai has not invested any EVs into physical bulk. Naturally, once Darkrai does go to OU, Scarf Terrakion...
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    What abilities would be great as new additions better if they were upgraded?

    How does it make Garchomp even more broken either elaborate or quit whining. SV+SD Gliscor would be less effective than Poison Heal + Sword Dance anyway. Maybe you don't have very good reading comprehension skills but I think you misread where I said that Sand Veil and Snow Cloak would no...
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    I think that while we're sitting here complaining about OU/UU status, lets come up with some movesets that will help it stand out from it's peers. As of right now, it's simply outclassed by both Fighting types and Psychics of a similar nature. It's gimmick could be useful in a mixed set but I...
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    The most annoying tactic you've faced

    I think back in Pokemon Stadium 2 there is a guy with a Lanturn that consists of Confuse Ray, Thunderwave, Surf, Attract. And so it began... the hax
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    What if Game Freak increased the BST of some old mons...

    While there is a correlation between OU status and base stats, it isn't a rule. Some mons (CLOYSTER HOLY ****) didn't need a base stat boost but a simple move or ability added to be made amazing.
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    umm. no it's not. Only in it's normal/fighting form is it fast. I'm tired of seeing people take the best of both worlds and completely ignore the issues with this mon. It's slow in it's psychic form, and fast in it's fighting form. If there was a way to only use the fighting form, yes, it might...
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    What abilities would be great as new additions better if they were upgraded?

    Evasion abilities suck. They are inconsistant and luck based. Change all of the 20% evasion bonuses to something not-sucky and luck based.. like: While in Sand/Hail, This pokemon's attacks heal them for 1/16th of the damage done. consistant healing if and ONLY IF you actually attack. SD...
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    I'm too lazy to do a calc of a 252/Adament Mach Punch from Conkeldurr as well as a 252/Adament Technician Breloom. I'm 99% sure that a Technician Breloom's Mach Punch will outright murder a Darkrai
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    What abilities would be great as new additions better if they were upgraded?

    Pressure is fine the way it is. Leave it alone. Improve Plus and Minus. Plus: This pokemon gains +1.5x Attack and Defense when paired with a pokemon with minus Minus: This pokemon gains +1.5x Special Attack and Special Defense when paired with a pokemon with minus. Both of these would stack...
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    Sorry, but Psychic/Normal loses it's Fighting Resist, and for what? Immunity to Ghost: A typing that isn't seen as much as it use to. Meloetta will not be OU. And a single move coming off of high damage IS crappy. Sorry but pure psychic STAB with shitty speed is still shitty. Reuniclus can...
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    5th Gen RMT: Hex/Venoshock

    noob, it still does 1/16th of your opponent's total hp every turn after it's used... noob.
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    I love haxorus

    You showed this team on Smogon. Make an effort to explain why you picked certain pokemon instead of just copy-pasting a team to every pokemon website you found with google search. Thank you.
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    Considering the only way to transofmr her into her Fight/Normal form is to use a crappy move first, I doubt this pokemon will be that useful. Until more word comeso ut as to how we can transform her, she'll be subpar. Relic song makes her too good for UU but it isn't good enough for OU. Need an...
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    What abilities would be great as new additions better if they were upgraded?

    Regigas now learns Rest. Problem solved lol, fail on my part. I think it would be balanced. It essentially means gigas would only have 3 attack moves, can't use choice items and Normal is typically a terrible defensive and offensive typing. Own Tempo would cancel out all priority. Yours included.
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    Rayquaza with V-create?

    Was going to say it'll help stop Grass - Arceus from crapping all over your weather inducer. But then I remembered Arceus has 120 speed :(
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    Genesect [Discussion]

    99 speed is such a troll speed tier. It'll be useful with a life orb I guess but in all honesty, it isn't that great. Bug/Steel is good defensively, but offensively it's terrible. Scizor can get away with it only because of Bullet Punch + U-turn.
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    Most Improved Pokemon of this Generation

    Besides the obvious new weather inducers, Dragonite. Now that the metagame is bulky-oriented and the new ****-YOU-SCALE, Dragonite is now officially the greatest dragon of all time OF ALL TIME! Venasaur. Use to be top-tier in UU, Now it's top-tier in Sun in general. Thanks to perma...
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    I'm not so sure about that considering Virizion can work in both Sun and Rain. Virizion is a great mixed Sweeper and Keldeo is not.