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    Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I've used both Reuniclus and Beheeyem, and I honestly loved them both. Beheeyem doesn't take hits quite as well but he's just about as powerful and I really have no complaints. Competitively, I would choose Reuniclus over Beheeyem any day, but I love both designs and Beheeyem is still great in-game.
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    Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

    @Sabonea_Masukippa Tympole = Tympanic Membrane (the eardrum) + Tadpole Haxorus - Looks like 'hack' + 'axe' + a corruption of 'saurus' - If you pronounce it out, it sounds like Hacksaurus. Axew = Axe + Hew (to strike with an axe)
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    Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

    "Tranquil" means "calm" or "peaceful." It seems to fit with Hatooboo's White Pokedex entry: That's all I could find to support it. After all, Hatooboo doesn't look all that tranquil. :<
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    Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I couldn't figure those names out until Xweek pointed out the German numbers. The sheer ingenuity makes me think it's even more likely these are the real names. A troll would've gone for something simpler, like Hydragon. They wouldn't have thought up a name that intricate.
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Of course Sugimori didn't draw that. >.< Haven't you been paying attention? Hiro's been drawing all of the Pokemon based off of low-res sprite pictures (allegedly). So assuming he and Melkor are telling the truth, then obviously the pictures aren't going to be Sugimori's art style. They might...
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    If these are real, it would make my day. I don't much like Pokabu's final evolution, but its second form looks really funny (in a good way). My only regret would be that it seems we're in for yet another fire/fighting starter. *sigh*
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Gluttony allows held berries to be eaten earlier.
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    Okay. Here's what I want you to do. Make sure you follow these steps carefully. 1) Go look back...

    Okay. Here's what I want you to do. Make sure you follow these steps carefully. 1) Go look back at the date I posted whatever request you're responding to. 2) Notice that it was probably months and months ago. 3) Ask yourself "Am I really dumb enough to think that a guy would still be in need...
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    nope, I don't.

    nope, I don't.
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    *****CONFIRMED***** Info Discussion Topic [NOT SPECULATION]

    Honestly, I think the racing idea sounds rather cool: yet another way to keep me playing while earning... whatever. I guess we'll see how well it works.
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    PBR: A result of hurriedness or complacency?

    One of the things I can't stand about PBR that got butchered in comparison to the Stadiums was the concept of Battle Passes, and the fact that if you don't have DPPt, you have hardly any options as to your team. I would have liked to see a "rental Pokemon" system like the Stadiums, which, while...
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    Who's gonna be your starter?

    I started with Cyndaquil when I first got Silver, but I think this time around I'll go with Totodile, mostly because I also used Cyndaquil most recently on Silver. Though, to be honest I like all of the Johto starters about equally.
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    I'll be on.

    I'll be on.
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    The one that got away...

    This has happened to me twice. The first time was in the very beginning of the game. Because I'm weird, I tend to train my starter up to about level 20 before going anywhere past Route 202. I met a shiny Bidoof, but sadly had no Pokeballs yet. :( The second shiny I missed was a Quagsire in...
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    ~ Official Rotom Forms Discussion ~ Please read the first post ~ - All Formes Reveal

    I'm not exactly sure when we found out about the new 4th gen Pokemon, but I do remember that I found out about the 'original 4,' so to speak, Lucario, Weavile, Bonsly, and Munchlax, here on serebii at the same time as I found out about Pokemon XD... That came out here in October 2005, and I had...
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    So, I herd you liek Swampertz? My Wi-Fi Team

    I definitely want TPunch, but, as I think I wrote in my first post, that may be easier said than done. As far as Air Slash/Aerial Ace goes, I've kinda been oscillating between the two, because Aerial Ace doesn't get its power lowered by the Jolly nature, while that may have a not-so-great effect...
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    So, I herd you liek Swampertz? My Wi-Fi Team

    The last team I posted here was rather noobish, I'll admit. I went back to the drawing board and decided I needed to think things out more, so I came up with something which has taken a lot more effort. I've tried to come up with a counter to every counter, though everyone knows that's nearly...
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    Tentative online team

    That's basically where I was at first, and I may still end up using him anyway, just because I do really like Umbreon and I want a little originality on my team. Do you have any other suggestions on other parts of the team?
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    Tentative online team

    New Improved Team? @ Blue Ace- With Umbreon, I didn't mean that having Mean Look defeats the purpose of having Baton Pass, I meant that having Protect instead of Baton Pass will render Mean Look rather useless. So, where I'm at now then is: Starmie @ Lefties Timid Natural Cure 160 HP...
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    Tentative online team

    All @ MirorF: Umbreon- Anytime I've seen Umbreon in action, he soaks up hits and walls most of what gets thrown at him. (This not including Hera or other strong fighting types). Doesn't having Protect in place of Baton Pass kind of defeat the purpose of having Mean Look in the first place...