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    Need to complete my E/XD Team.

    Sorry my Sceptile has a petaya berry. Ok I'm going with: Metagross @ ? Adamant nature -Meteor Mash -Earthquake -Explosion -Sludge Bomb I've never been a Choice band fan. What other item could I use instead? Slowbro@ ? Modest -Surf -Psychic -Ice Beam -Flamethrower I'd like another tank...
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    Need to complete my E/XD Team.

    Hi, I want to complete my team for the Battle Frontier and Orre Colosseum. I have : Sceptile @Leftovers Timid Nature -Leaf Blade -Thunderpunch -Substitute -Leech Seed Salamence @ Lum Berry Adamant -Dragon Dance -EQ -Rock Slide -Aerial Ace Snorlax @ leftovers Adamant -Curse...
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    What if......(Information inside).

    I would capture a legendary pokemon and rule the world Buahahahahahaha... ;200;
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    tyranidos's banner shop!!

    Ok here thy are this and this Sory, hope now is okey...
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    The Arceus Banner, etc. Shop

    Thnk you it's great...
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    Onyx Tanuki's Sketches and More Shop

    Hi i'd like a Pokemorph Pokemon: Misdreavus Gender: male Body Type: slim. Clothing: a long mantle, you choose anything more. Pose: floating in a with arms up. Very serious. Other: make it look powerful. Thanks P.S: Tanuki Tails.
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    tyranidos's banner shop!!

    Hi i'd like a banner Banner size: like your first example Background: black with purple flames Pictures: Any Misdreavus Text: Misdreavus is my bishie Sub-Text: Buajajajaja Extra: Thanks
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    The Arceus Banner, etc. Shop

    Hi I'd like a War Pokemon Pokemon :Misdreavus Armor Colors :silver Weapon : Can you make more than one pokemon? if no, a machine gun. If you can: one witha bow, another with a bazuca, another with swords and snything you can think of. Details: no Thanks
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    My super, awesome, wicked, richous, amazing, stupendous, outstanding (etc.) new shop!

    Hi Fusions Pokemon(only two): Misdreavus and Mismagius Base: One with each Animation: Yes Thanks
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    Which Pokemon Career Would You Pick?

    I would be a legendary researcher and in my free time I would experiment trying to fuse humans with pokemon(me + electric pokemon= PWN)(remember Bill in RBY?). After I get bored of legendaries I would establish in a remote part of the planet to create the ultimate challenge in the planet with...
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    Silliest thing you've done in the games

    In yellow, teaching Flash to any pokemon who could learn it... ;200;
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    Genders in legendaries

    I've noticed that males generally refer to gendreless beigs as "he" and girls as "she"... ;200;
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    Silliest thing you've done in the games

    selling moon stones because I had run out if money...
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    Does anyone think that Pokemon would be a respected RPG if the anime didn't exist?

    The anime didn't made the games popular it made itself popular. People think that Pokemon is the anime and the games something that was created from it.. Thanks to the anime people say "Pokemon, that childish thing?". If there wasn't anime they would say: "Pokemon, what's that?"
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    YOU make the Creation Pokemon

    I'd like something more ethereal, no feet, multiple different pairs of arms and wings...
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    Shining Pokemon!

    Thank you it's awsome! :)
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    Shining Pokemon!

    Hi I'd like a Misdreavus and a Mismagius. Color: Very soft yellow. Thanks
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    Pokemon is cruel.

    ROFL. Yeah, it's horrible. Just imagine you live happily in the wild when this person attacks you until you almost faint, throws you a pokeball and enslaves you for the rest of your life to be either prostitued, stored in a PC for the eternity or to enslave more innocents.
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    Where do Pokemon go when their Trainers die?

    If they are in their pokeball they would die from hunger or suicide or if they are lucky something would open the pokeball.
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    Create a Pokeball!

    Gamble ball: 50% of capturing pokemon without fail and 50% of fainting all your pokemon. Double edge ball: better catch rate than ultra ball but with each "shake" of the pokeball the pokemon heals a little bit and 33% of healing status effect. Emo ball: With each shake the pokemon hurts itself...