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    Child Abuse

    My friend used to get abused by his dad but now hes out of the picture
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    B/W Glitches Discussion

    Can we tweak yet?
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    Trainer's shiny shop!

    i Have a japanese LvL 33 Shiny Scyther will trade it for your Deino or your Squirtle
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    Pokemon Mysteries

    Why Scyther cant fly even though he is a flying type and he has wings.
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    Pokémon Survivor!

    I vote Mawile
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    you did good standing up to sweet may she/he was sort of off...

    you did good standing up to sweet may she/he was sort of off...
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    i agree with watty...

    i agree with watty...
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    Shiny Hunting with a dead internal battery

    thanks heaps just hit 20,000 encounter for seviper and was getting worried it wouldn't work
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Ive got 2 UT shiny Bidoof 1 male 1 female. PM me if interested.
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    Jordan and tyty's Flawless and Shiny Marketplace

    I will give you 2 UT bidoofs 1 male (gentle) simple ability and 1 female (jolly) Unaware ability both level 2
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    The Dark Arts

    I wish to request a TEAM POSE from the Dark Arts. Base (templates below): F1 Pokemon (up to six): Golem, Rapidash, Kadabra, Gyarados, Luxray, Totodile Trainer: Red Could i get all of these pokemon in shiny form please?
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    Tansfering save from Emulator to DS

    is there anyway to get Save from my emulated Leaf green to be able to play on my DSi?
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    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    Pokemon soundtracks in which gen was your favourite soundtrack mine was kanto.