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  1. TheCrazyMaster

    Pokémon Anime Versus Thread v4

    You sure? I was certain that Trevor's Charizard and Whitney's Miltank would come out on top more often than not.
  2. TheCrazyMaster

    Pokémon Anime Versus Thread v4

    Alright, I got a new batch of matchups featuring Ash’s Pokémon, so who do you think would win? Tauros nr 14 vs Tauros nr 23 Tauros nr 7 vs Tauros nr 25 Tauros nr 13 vs Tauros nr 26 Tauros nr 14 vs Tauros nr 27 Tauros nr 13 vs Tauros nr 19 Tauros nr 6 vs Tauros nr 17 Tauros nr 5 vs Tauros nr 9...
  3. TheCrazyMaster

    Ash & Latios (1235)

    So this episode was a continuation of the one that came before, pretty much picking up right where the last one ended. As per the main title of the episode, the main focus was on Ash and Latios having to work together to save Latias. What I find interesting is that they choose to have Latias...
  4. TheCrazyMaster

    Team Rocket's Counterattack (1234)

    Ah, the episode we were all waiting for, the return of all of Team Rocket's iconic Pokemon left at HQ plus the Unova mons! It was so refreshing see so many iconic faces again. AG, DP and XY, all of them. We even got a quick montage of some of their most iconic partners that are no longer with...
  5. TheCrazyMaster

    Riding on Lapras (1232)

    So, this episode was a fairly familiar one, Ash and co discover a Wailmer who is stuck and needs help. I'll be honest, I initially didn't have high hopes for this episode, and I though it was gonna turn out like the episode that came the week before (which I didn't even bother writing a review...
  6. TheCrazyMaster

    Enter the Squirtle Fire Brigade! (1230)

    So, this episode saw the reunion of the OG starter trio, with the primary focus being on Ash's Squirtle. The main theme regarding this episode was a conflict that occurred due to a misunderstanding, that occured thanks to Team Rocket. Namely, because they shoo Ash and co. away while Squirtle is...
  7. TheCrazyMaster

    Beartic's Sigh (1229)

    Well, this was a fairly basic episode. Ash and co helping a wild Pokemon with some form of issue isn't anything unusual at this point, but the episode itself was still pretty enjoyable nonetheless. One of the things that I really likes this episode was how heavily highlighted it was that Ash is...
  8. TheCrazyMaster

    Brock, Cilan and the Forest Witch! (1228)

    Well, this episode saw the return of not one, but two returning companions. So how did it do? Pretty okay I thought. The episode starts with giving us a fairly basic setup of Ash and Misty wandering a city in what looks like Galar looking for a place to eat, before later revealing that Brock...
  9. TheCrazyMaster

    Ash VS Misty! A One-on-One on the Beach!! (1227)

    Welp, I'm late to review this episode. But better late than never, am I right? Well, compared to to the last episode, this episode was a little more lighthearted considering that it was a more laid back episode with some friendly competition. Firstly, one of the things that stood out the most...
  10. TheCrazyMaster


  11. TheCrazyMaster

    The Wind of Beginnings! The Eon Path!! (1226)

    Well, I finally watched the sub yesterday, so I may as well give my review. I feel like the beginning of the episode did a great job setting the mood, just showing Ash and Pikachu going with the flow, with no particular goal in mind, though admittedly I feel like it dragged on a little to long...
  12. TheCrazyMaster

    Pokémon Anime Versus Thread v4

    Now that the Masters eight tournament is over, who do you think would win? Iris' Haxorus vs Lance's Dragonite Leon's Dragapult vs Rillaboom Leon's Rillaboom vs Ash's Lucario Alain's Chesnaught vs Diantha's Aurorus Alain's Chesnaught vs Cynthia's Milotic Cynthia's Milotic vs Diantha's Aurorus...
  13. TheCrazyMaster

    Is Ash vs Leon the best Pokemon full battle?

    It's definitely near the top for me, but I will say that Pikachu vs Charizard was the single best 1 v 1 in all of anipoke.
  14. TheCrazyMaster

    Finals IV: Partner (1221)

    *Inhales Deeply* Well, it's been a long time since I've been on this forum (I think over a year, minus one exception) and I think it's only fair that I return to give my thoughts on what will probably go down as one of the most iconic episodes in the history of #anipoke. *Inhales yet again*...
  15. TheCrazyMaster

    Who's release was worse? Greninja's or Ambipom's?

    Definitely Ambipom, since it devalued the choice Ash and Dawn made to trade their Pokemon in order for them to be happier. There's also the fact that it resulted in the arrival of Dawns Togekiss which, while not necessarily unlikable itself, ended up screwing over Jessie's final contest, made...
  16. TheCrazyMaster

    What are some nitpicks/complaints about the series that you don't take so seriously?

    Honestly, I've never understood why people hated Max. I loved Max's character. I loved his sassyness/savagery and how he roasted May and Brock on occasions. I thought his first interaction with Ash was very reminiscent of how most people view Ash as a trainer, in general i felt he helped give...
  17. TheCrazyMaster

    Ash vs Tobias, what went wrong?

    Not gonna lie, while I understand why most people think "Tobias had legendaries" is a good enough answer as to why Ash lost to him, I honestly find it to be a pretty poor argument. Legendaries are pretty strong for the most part, but I feel like we've had just as many "normal" Pokemon...
  18. TheCrazyMaster

    Things you are mad at that the anime didn’t do/take advantage of

    After watching a video from Lumiose Trainer Zac, I'm now convinced that the Battle Frontier Arc should've taken place on the Sevii Islands, as it's such a major location in the games and it would've promoted both Firered/Leafgreen as well as Emerald. It would've also justified the appearance of...
  19. TheCrazyMaster

    Who is the Strongest Ash? (2021 Version)

    Depends what's meant by the strongest Ash. If we're talking about trainer skill then BF and XY Ash are tied for me while Sinnoh Ash comes after them. While I feel like DP Ash triumphs over all the Ash's in terms of strategy, i feel like he relies more on thinking ahead of time compared to the...