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    Shiny Pokémon & PokéRadar Thread

    Has anyone else heard the rumor about tipping? It is said that the more you tip, the better the chances are for a shiny.
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    Anything and Everything SHINY

    In ruby was my first thought it looked cooler than all the other zubats. ( I HATED Zubats because I was young and thought wild encounters were useless) I tried to catch it and ran out of pokeballs. I later learned about shinies and found a random corphish in sapphire and the I became a Shiny...
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    Swampert's Shinies

    Its fine I was just wondering :D
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    Swampert's Shinies

    Hey I have a Near Flawless Ferroseed UT, would you be willing to trade for your DW Vulpix? (preferably female but if thats not okay male) Here are the IVs Ferroseed - (Calm) Male (♂) Iron Barbs Likes to thrash about. HP: 31 Att: 31 Def: 31 SpA: 22 SpD: 31 Speed: 31
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    Swampert's Shinies

    Is 27 the number?
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    Who is Ash's Strongest Pokemon??

    I say Infernape all the way. His Blaze can knock out anything! Pikachu isn't that great.