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    The Ancient Poké Ball (006)

    Does anyone have a link to watch it live?
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    Pocket Monsters (2023) Speculation Thread

    Isn’t it weird we don’t have new episode titles yet?
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    The Treasure That Washed Ashore (4)

    Which kind of twist are you expecting? Like a treason? They will not make Pikachu evil.
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    April 21st: PM2023 003 - As Long As I'm With Nyahoja

    It can be one 42 minutes episode though, it does not necessarily has to be 2.
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    April 14th: PM2023 001/002 - The Pendant It All Started With (w/Kotaro Koizumi, Hikaru Takahashi and Kanade)

    So Oshawott is probably Grass teratype right? It’s Trainer is filled with grass type herrings.
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    Ash & Latios (1235)

    What Pokémon did Brock and Misty try sending out before getting scale-shotted?
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    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    I think Tinkatink is a lock, and maybe an Eevee if/once Sprigatito evolves.
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    March 10th: MPM09 - The Rocket Gang's Counterattack!

    Ludicolo and Politoed deserved some interaction :(
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    Do you think Riko will have a connection to Orbeetle in some way?

    She is the daughter of Ash and a female Orbeetle.
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    Containment thread for LEAKS of upcoming episodes (READ THE FIRST POST, IMPORTANT)

    ??? We are not seeing less and less mons, in fact we saw more pokemon in the second 3 episodes (10) than on the first 3 (8). EP1: 4 EP2: 4 EP3: 0 EP4: 4 EP5: 1 EP6: 5 EP7: 2 (that we know of)
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    February 24th: MPM07 - Riding on Laplace

    Hopefully they are rotating too cause I want to see Corsola one last time.
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    "The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

    Where did we learn that Riko is not a battler?
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    Beartic's Sigh (1229)

    Gyarados moveset no longer includes flamethrower as of his last appearance. It knows Crunch, Hydropump, Rain Dance and Hurricane. However, I do think Gyarados is at the gym. She only has one slot left, and Corsola is too iconic for her as to not carry it around. She could be rotating though.
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    Beartic's Sigh (1229)

    Politoed got all its development on screen.
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    February 3rd: MPM04 - Tunbear's Sigh!

    Seemed more like Foretress to me.
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    January 27th: MPM03 - Takeshi, Dent and the Forest Witch!!

    Any news on Ash’s team for this episode?
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    Ash VS Misty! A One-on-One on the Beach!! (1227)

    Politoed was Misty’s ace until she got Gyarados, let’s not act like Corpish got beaten by Goldeen.
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    Ash VS Misty! A One-on-One on the Beach!! (1227)

    Liked the episode, wished we would have seen Leavanny, Rowlet and Totodile do something more, at least against Team Rocket. Politoed moveset is now Hydropump, Bounce, Focus Blast and Megapunch. Corphish still has Crab Hammer but learned Metal Claw and Aqua Jet. Last thing we know Misty on-hand...