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    In need of a Koffing - Trade

    Is somebody willing to help? I need a Koffing, please!
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    What attracts you to guys/girls?

    Body: the magic couples (eyes and tits). Personality: they have not to be "crabby".
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    #240 Magby / #126 Magmar / #467 Magmortar

    Looking for someone to evolve my Magmar into Magmortar. I want a Magmar with Magmarizer to trade, so we can have both magmortar!
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    #239 Elekid / #125 Electabuzz / #466 Electivire

    Looking for someone to evolve my Electabuzz into Electrivire. Just have an Electabuzz with Electrizer to trade to me!!
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    #355 Duskull / #356 Dusclops / #477 Dusknoir

    I'm available to trade a Dusclops with Reaper Cloth, to have a Dusknoir. Contact me to make the trade!! I want a Dusclops with Reaper Cloth myself, we'll trade to have it evolved.
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    #380 Latias

    Looking for a Latias, can offer a Latios.
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    #381 Latios

    Offering a Latios for a Latias.
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    Twinings or Lipton?

    Twinings is the best out there. I'm drinking a cup of Indian Chai right now.
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    Green Card and Diversity Visa Program

    I'm Italian, but since I was a child I wanted to be an American citizen. I turned 18 last year, when submissions weren't no more possible, so I have to wait till next time to try and become a USA citizen. What do you think about your government organizing the Green Card lottery? To me...
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    I have a Shiny CLONED lvl. 100 Ho-Oh, I would like the following starters: Bulbasaur, Torchic, Treecko. This was traded to me first, so I can NOT guarantee it isn't hacked. If you're not satisfied satisfied with it, you find out it's hacked (there's the pokècheck, but I don't want to...
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    Things in the Pokémon world which just don't make sense (by pokémon standards)

    You can enter when you want in a stranger's house, and he'll be so happy to see you, he will give you a gift! You never talk, are you mute in EVERY game?? When you defeat the Champion, you are supposed to become the new champion, why doesn't that happen?
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    New Here

    Hello there! If you want, I'm up for a battle, a casual non-competitive one, as I'm not good at doing strategies and breeding pokemons etc... My favourites are metronome-only battles! As you can imagine, I like the fun, not the competition!!
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Sudowoodo: I always wondered why he's a rock type... Jirachi: WHERE DO YOU SEE STEEL??? Groudon=ok, if we know the story, ground type is ok, but then why it lives in a volcano, and can be burned, and doesn't resist fire???
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    The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

    Looking for a double or triple metronome battle, just for fun. It would be a plus, but even a regular battle (only double for now) will be good. No rules, apart from no wonder launch. Please send me a PM if interested. P.S. Obviously mine won't be legit pokemons, as it would take ages to train...
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    What Pokemon Did You Use Your Masterball On?

    I used it for Thundurus, it being the only roamer in B/W.
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    How to do it?

    How to do it?
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    I don't know for sure, as I have traded it first. How can you tell?

    I don't know for sure, as I have traded it first. How can you tell?
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    #250 Ho-Oh

    Offering a Level 100 Cloned Shiny Ho-Oh, seeeking for two shiny pokemon.
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    #371 Bagon / #372 Shelgon / #373 Salamence

    I'm looking for any Bagon, don't care gender etc... PM me if interested in some starters, eevee, zorua etc...
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    What was your first level 100 Pokemon?

    First in White was Samurott. The absolute first was Feraligatr in Crystal.