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  1. Irina

    Gen 8 anime to be revealed on 9/29

    I think this is it. The end of Ash Ketchum and his journey to become a Pokémon master. It's long overdue.... at some point they will run out of ideas, resetting Ash every new region isn't the way to go anymore. I can't imagine that they get much revenue out of the anime. Maybe this is the point...
  2. Irina

    Mallow & Lana! A Fully Powered Battle of Friendship!! (1073)

    From this standpoint, the current Alola League is even worse than Best Wishes Unova League. RIGHT NOW, of course. I really hope they level up their game because all of the first 4 battles were pretty underwhelming. Ilima losing with a Mega? Really? Atleast make it a little bit more of a...
  3. Irina

    What do you think is going to happen in the last episodes(post-league)?

    My predictions: - School graduation of course. A huge party for it where Lillie decides she comes with Ash to Kanto and start her journey. (They split here, Lillie stays in Kanto and Ash goes to Galar) - Lana goes to Sinnoh(!!) and goes for showcases. Kiawe, Sophocles and Mallow become Trial...
  4. Irina

    Serena gets a shoutout from CoroCoro Comic Magazine

    Is this it? The possible awaited Serena cameo everyone was wishing for? If they reference her now, there is something up for sure.
  5. Irina

    July 7th: SM129 - Brawl! Battle Royal 151!!

    Ash vs Guzma in the finals? It would only make sense if Kukui Mask and Ash fight out the Champion title afterwards. This is not only about winning the league... the winner could become the first Champion of Alola. And Ash can't be the Alolan champion when he's gonna ditch Alola soon and move on...
  6. Irina

    July 7th: SM129 - Brawl! Battle Royal 151!!

    I think all classmates get through, Guzma, Gladio, Ilima, Hau all get through to Round 2. (They all got highlighted in SM128) Then we need 6 more for it. Maybe Faba too? Ash is probably going up against Kiawe in the second round. Quarterfinals he will meet Guzma and then he falls in the...
  7. Irina

    July 7th: SM129 - Brawl! Battle Royal 151!!

    Ash is gonna lose to Gladio. 100%. But he's gonna beat Guzma out of the tournament, they literally set this one up the latest episode. Maybe he finally gets Incineroar? It would make sense, since Kukui and Guzma are rivals and Kukui Mask's ( :) )signature Pokémon is also Incineroar. Another...
  8. Irina

    Pokémon Sword and Shield - How will they impact the anime?

    Idk how old Sonia is, but she would be a great companion. She could literally be the Brock type companion... more mature, doing the cooking when they travel... Maybe we get a 2 girls and Ash group? That would be unique tbh. (XY still had Clemont, so it was 2 boys and 2 girls) Ash - Galar...
  9. Irina

    July 7th: SM129 - Brawl! Battle Royal 151!!

    I know this won't probably happen at all but.... what if one of the 3 random trainers is Serena? Actually would be the perfect time for a cameo haha. In reality... it's probably Acerola, Jessie/James and Lusamine.
  10. Irina

    Pokémon Sword and Shield - How will they impact the anime?

    I just want to have a good cast besides Ash. SM did a very good job tbh, atleast in some parts. What I don't want is another hero worship cast like XY, that was literally annoying as hell. I'm especially looking at the next female companion.... another girl doing contests? Another female gym...
  11. Irina

    Amourshipping Thread V3

    Iris never got a special episode with Ash too. The writers are simply done with Serena at that point. That's what I think atleast. They screwed up big time anyway. With that scene from the airport... they have to bring her back at some point. NO, they MUST bring her back. It was the ultimate...
  12. Irina

    Sun & Moon Characters Speculation Thread

    I think we get a Team Skull/League arc and that's it with Alola. Currently still some fillers and character episodes and then we get the last arc for Sun & Moon.
  13. Irina

    Amourshipping Thread V3

    Chances for that are extremely low and if, I don't think they'll ever bring that ship up again or tease it further. Out of the ship's fanbase... Serena is probably one of the most hated characters in the entire franchise. And I can't really see her appearing in Alola anymore... and Galar? Who...
  14. Irina

    Anyone holding out for Upgraded Switch?

    A Switch Mini would definitely be my go-to-get console with the newest gen. And Nintendo knows that this is another potential market success, since people loved to play on their 3DS day in and out. Sure, the current Switch can do that as well, but you have to pay a higher price to do so. If...
  15. Irina

    Do you enjoy the direction Pokemon Sun and Moon anime is moving in?

    I've seen the other side too. People getting jumped on for actually praising SUMO and getting personally attacked and told why XYZ is so much better than this SoL garbage that SUMO is in some eyes. You know what pisses me off? This whole Pokémon fandom and yes, quite a lot. It's just like...
  16. Irina

    How do you feel about Lillie traveling with Ash the next series?

    I would totally prefer Lillie travelling with Ash to the next region, but it won't happen. There's probably a slight chance, but that's it. They rather put the Gen 8 girl into the anime so they can advertise it perfectly with the first new main game for the Nintendo Switch.
  17. Irina

    Do you think Iris will be making a cameo at all in Sun and Moon

    I think Iris would make sense if Ash gets his hands on the dragon-type Z Crystal. This would be a perfect way to bring her back to have her help Ash beat that Totem Pokémon. And Serena... tbh I don't think they will bring her back anytime soon. She's very different to the other main cast...
  18. Irina

    What makes a good villain? (Beware of spoilers)

    He was that typical "I rule the world and destroy everything" cliché type, but I loved it. His team was epic and absolutely fits a true villain.
  19. Irina

    Amourshipping Thread V3

    Everyone a happy christmas. That certain scene on the airport was something I never thought that it would happen in Pokémon anime. I've watched this series for almost 20 years and this has to be one of my favorite moments of all time. Serena may not be my favorite Pokégirl, but she definitely...
  20. Irina

    December 28th: Gather in 2018 as Well, Pokémon Fans! A 2 Hour Special

    I actually hope that they show new team changes, arc previews and possible cameos for SM in 2018. Or we might get a preview for two filler episodes. Who knows... Btw that Hoopa movie was not really on top, but it wasn't that bad either.