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    Best Romance anime?

    I would like to know, what would you say is the best cute romance anime(no yaoi)?
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    Physical Sweeper

    Which one of these pokemon would you recommend the most for physical sweeping: Metagross, Tyrannitar, Garchomp, Salamence or Galade?
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    Macho Brace import

    If I import a Macho Brace from a 3rd gen game via palpark, will it still have the same effect of doubling EVs?
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    Favorite D/P song

    Mine is: 1) Snowpoint Temple 2) Champion battle 3) Route 213
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    The Death Note fanclub v 2.0

    Episode 37 was really really good. I love the part when Light admits that he's Kira. And Near was just sitting there, calmly....I dont think Ive ever seen Near standing. btw Mikami is sooooo crazy, the part when he suicides is over exaggerated.
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    Effort Ribbon.

    Well, Ive tried it in the other section, but it hasnt been posted for a long time.
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    Effort Ribbon.

    Hey, Ive given my Lv 49 Palkia 10 Calciums and 10 Carbos plus given it a macho brace and attained 152 EVs in both SpAtt and Speed by battling Starly, Ghastly, Haunter, Staravia, Golbat and Zubat. The remaining 6 Evs have been given to defence by battling Geodudes. Yet I am still able to give it...
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    The Official Shiny Discussion Of D/P

    Oh. My. God. I am soooooo devastated. I just encountered my first shiny in Pokemon Pearl......a shiny Uxie!!! And I killed it!!! I had everything under control.....Uxie had critical HP and a parlyz status.....but Ultra balls, or Timer balls, or Dusk Balls werent working. It kept breaking out...
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    Modified Team! RMT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get a bit more defense in your team. There's only one defensive pokemon in your team and if it's knocked out (Heracross can beat it) then you'll be very vulnerable and a will have to sweep fast.
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    Threat List help plz

    Every defensive pokemon has some kind of weakness, ya? Registeel has got 3 weaknesses, but its high defenses should pull it through and its got a lot of resistances. Shuckle has low HP but Ive used it and its not bad. It survived a Kyogre's Surf with rain in effect. And Salamence's...
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    Staraptor moveset

    haha ok, thanx
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    Threat List help plz

    I guess I'll help you. The special wall pokemon, like posted above, are Blissey, Regice, Umbreon, Milotic and Snorlax. Other really good defensive types can be Shuckle, Registeel, Uxie and Suicune. As for counters for Rypherior, any fast pokemon with a nice special attack and a special Ice or...
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    Staraptor moveset

    Ok, but since you can get U-Turn only once, shouldnt it be better off on some other pokemon?
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    Staraptor moveset

    Im keeping a Staraptor as a physical sweeper. Im giving it Close Combat and Brave Bird but for the rest, I cant decide between Return, Roost, Endeavor, Facade or U-Turn. What two moves should I choose?
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    Palkia EV problem.

    Oh and one more thing, My Palkia's a special sweeper and im giving it 252 in attack. With the remaining,should I give 252 in speed, or 129 speed and 129 HP? Its got a Docile nature.
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    Palkia EV problem.

    so....i just give it all the EVs and in the end, it'll all add up to the total stats I should get? Guaranteed?
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    Palkia EV problem.

    Im training my Lv 47 Palkia with Special attack evs. Ive given it the maximum amount of Calciums and it has battled 3 Alakazams, 1 Gengar, 1 Haunter, and more than 20 Gastlys. That should be around 34 SpAtt Evs. But when it finally leveled up to Level 48, it only got a total of +6 in Special...
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    My future ultimate team: the best I have ever made!

    Change your Gyrados's Waterfall for Aqua Tail. It's better.
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    Focus Sash

    So that kinda gives you a warning to switch out.... but will it be better on a Shedinja or would a Lum berry, to warn against status effects be better?
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    Focus Sash

    I have a question to ask that I was wondering about. The Focus Sash prevents oponents from KO'ing you if you have full HP. Can it be used to prevent Shedinja from fainting?