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    The Unova Region

    Like I've said before: I really like Unova, but I dislike that it's based on New York. Some people asked why. I have my reasons. I mainly dislike some of the comments I've seen about Unova being New York. They border on chauvinism and that's kinda bad. That's my only gripe about the whole...
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    The Unova Region

    I really like the Unova Region. It feels like a self-contained region with large cities, caves, a desert and forests. It feels like a diverse region. It has some of the most impressive locations in all of Pokémon: Castelia City, the bridges and the various routes (they are pretty long). I like...
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

    I feel your pain. I, without noticing, ran away from a Shiny Ferroseed. My first random shiny ever.
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    HG/SS Slots/Game Corner in ALL English games changed

    When this happens to me, I quit, get the coins I've earned from that level, and try again. This way I don't risk to lose the coins from that level.
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    HG/SS Slots/Game Corner in ALL English games changed

    The highest level I got was 7. Lost on that one, though. I have about 9000 coins and saving up for a Porygon. I love Voltorb Flip. Never really liked the Slot Machines (loved the GSC card flip game) and just bought the coins. Where's the fun in that? Voltorb Flip is easy to play, fun and...
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    Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Help Thread [UBER EDITION] [READ THE FIRST POST]

    Quick Question: Does the Masuda Method work with a Pokémon from the USA version and a Pokémon from the EU version? Or are the USA and EU viewed as the same region (as both have english games)?
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    Don't I know you from somewhere?

    Some people don't like Gamefreak reusing the BF, but the same people don't seem to mind GF reusing the same BT in every game. Kinda weird, isn't it? I like to see a BF in HG/SS, even if it's the same one. A BF is a BF. Just get over it, if you don't like how GF make their games, don't buy them.
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    New Areas'/Buildings' in Johto/Kanto Speculation x)

    There are two towers now in Mahogany Town. I wonder what those are. Ecruteak City is supposed to be the two towered city. Chanses are they are just houses on towers, but it just seems odd. :/
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    How to change the color of your Vs. Recorder

    I wanted blue. It's my favourite colour, but there is no blue? Weird, I don't like the red one (one of the colours is to bright). I think I'll stick with the grey one for now. They do have a pink one, but not a blue one. Weird, just weird.
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    Platinum Help Thread [2.0] [READ THE FIRST POST FIRST]

    Is it possible for Shuckle to make Berry Juice out of Oran Berry's in generation IV games? I read this on Bulbapedia, but it's very confusing. On some pages it say generation II and III, on some it just says Oran Berry (inplying it would work in generation IV games too). It also says that the...
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    Impossible Evolutions? (Mt. Coronet, Moss Rock, et cetera)

    I got it! Magneton and Nosepass could evolve when you ride the Magnet Train. No level up required. Just riding the train allows them to evolve. Just think about it. Those two Pokémon evolve because of the magnetic field and the Magnet train uses magnets to ride.
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    Breeding to Change the Appearance of HGSS' Egg Pokemon?

    If it's true, I think it's more like gender differences. How many pokémon with gender differences are there? There could be just a handful of pokémon that show big differences with different parents, notch Ear Pichu being just one. I won't think they'll add more then 50 pokémon with breeding...
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    Gym Leaders / Elite Four Discussion

    Did someone say updated puzzles? I love updated puzzles and teams. Folkner: The wind turbines blast you up in the air. You have to pick the right turbines to reach Folkner. Kinda like Sabrina's teleporters. His team would level up 1 or 2 levels. No big deal. He could drop Pidgey for a Hoothoot...
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    More US Names; Rotom & Battle Frontier + New Dex Entries Discussion

    Weren't the other orbs called the Adamant Orb (fitting cause diamonds are hard) and Lustrous orb (fitting too, because pearls kinda shine)? Anyway, I don't know what Griseous means, and I can't find it. I guess it has something to do with platinum. Also, the battleground sounds great. I...
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    That signature is from a online test to see how stupid you are. I dind't make the signature, you...

    That signature is from a online test to see how stupid you are. I dind't make the signature, you just get to use it if you play the game.
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    Shiku Region

    Ok, so this thread is almost a year old.... Anyway, I just wanted you to show off my newest sprite: But I'm still thinking of a name. Could you help me? I will pick the best name and use it for this little mushroom guy. A little bit information: There are many kinds of ???. They all have...
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    Klnothincomin's Fake DPPT attack Gallery

    I really like snow eruption, grass maze and ingnition, but all off those attacks are great.
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    Official Nintendo DSi Thread

    I can't read japanese but on some site i found it has two touch screens. However Serebii doesn't have this information. Can somebody that can read japanese tell me if it says something about two touchscreens on the official site?
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    what did you name your characters in D/P?

    I always name my the player after myself, so it's name is Bart (common name here in the Netherlands). I named the rival Dusk to match with Dawn (I pictured them as boy and girlfriend and wanted them to have a matching name :'D).
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    Battle Island Buildings?

    I hope the Casino, Castle and stage are going to be half as fun as they sound. I really liked the emerald BF (Pike, Pyramide and Dome are the best :D) so I hope this one is going to be fun too.