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    What's the first episode of the anime you remember watching?

    My first episode was Sparks For Magnemite..
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    Pokemon English VA to retire because of cancer.

    He very likely did record before he decided to retire...
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    Pokemon English VA to retire because of cancer.

    Stuart Zagnit was Professor Oak's original Voice Actor..
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    Is Ash lowkey wealthy?

    If you are an official trainer registered and earn badges towards the Pokemon League, I assume you are awarded money if you win. Pokemon Center usage is free, etc...
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    Will they continuously switch protagonists from now on?

    By popular do you mean keeping them longer than anticipated?
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    Who here has been a fan of the series since Kanto and is finally departing after all these years?

    I might actually get back to watching the Anime now that its a clean slate...
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    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    Ash's story could have been concluded after Johto if proper care was taken..
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    What if Ash started with Bulbasaur or Charmander or Squirtle and what are the chances of there being a adaptation of that?

    I wonder if Charmander would have put up with Ash's lazy attitude or lack of preparedness during Gym Battles?
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    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    Ok, that's just distasteful...
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    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    If Sarah voiced Ash first and it was Veronica that replaced her, people would likely say the same thing
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    Do you think Riko and Sprigatito will become popular, if not iconic at some point?

    Probably better than him since we likely aren't gonna keep her around for 2 decades and reset each saga...
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    Pokémon - The Indigo League (01)

    4Kids had nothing to do with Ash not winning his badges in a proper manner, or the PoryGon Episode.
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    Pokémon - The Johto League (03,04,05)

    I guess it had to do with Gold & Silver Games, despite giving us things like breeding, a full color palette, and the night/day mechanic, it was mostly the same game as Red/Blue/Yellow so the showrunnera probably thought they should do the same thing in regards to the Anime..
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    I’m so sick of people saying Ash is being replaced

    Probably a reboot is the best choice...
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    Will you abandon the anime if Satoshi continues to be the protagonist of the SV series?

    Didn't they say if Ash was to win a tournament that the show would end?
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    How popular was Pokémon world wide back in the 90s?

    Ok, just happened to come across a video with a smidgen of Pokemon Commercials from the 90's. I remember some of them, but yeah Pokemon Anime, and by extension the franchise as a whole, was immensely popular back then...
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    So, even after all these years, Ash is still considered rather inexperienced?

    Compared to all the Gym Leaders and Champions who are years and sometimes decades older than Ash, then yes he is very inexperienced..