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    Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl - HELP THREAD [Ask your questions here]

    I visited Bebe and spoke to Dawn's sister, but didn't go to Stark Mountain yet. It wasn't mentioned anywhere that you have to to rematch Dawn, just to rematch Barry.
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    Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl - HELP THREAD [Ask your questions here]

    Hi, I can't get Dawn to rematch me. She just keeps talking about the PokéRadar. I've already entered the Hall of Fame (twice), gotten the National Dex, used the PokeRadar,... And it's the weekend now. What am I missing?
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    Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon HELP THREAD

    Yes, they do change. EDIT: I've been soft resetting for another three hours now and still no Gladion. This is ridiculous.
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    Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon HELP THREAD

    No, it only appears after you beat Gladion.
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    Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon HELP THREAD

    How do I fight Gladion at the League Title Defense? I've already beaten all other Title Defense challengers and it's been 31 days since I caught Necrozma and became Champion. I also talked to Wicke, visited his motel room and completed the Rainbow Rocket Episode, but I've been soft-resetting for...
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    Official X & Y Help Thread

    So I became Duke in the Battle Chateau, battled all trainers, including Gym Leaders and the Elite Four (I know for sure since I kept track of it, taking the list and crossing off every trainer after I defeated one until I had them all), became the Champion, tried leaving and re-entering and I...
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    5th Gen Help Thread

    I've been trying to fight Delphine in a Triple Battle in the Psychic Type Expert Tournament in Black 2. However, I never get matched up with her in the first round. In the first match, she either gets matched up with a Gym Leader, or she gets matched up with a generic trainer while we're on...
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    OMG! All English Names/Towns/City names REVEALED!!!

    I don't like the English names at all. The English names for the human characters sound just like the cast of Dawson's Creek O_o
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    Pokemon Intelligance

    Intelligence of Pokémon is between human's and animals. However some Pokémon are as intelligent as human beings, like Dragonite and Mewtwo. Some less-intelligent Pokémon can be exceptions so they are also as intelligent as human beings, like Meowth, Gastly, Lapras, Lugia and Entei. Some Pokémon...
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    Pokémon games in the far(ish) future

    real pokemon? lol! that would be cool. but they wouldn't be catchable since you can't put living creatures in a pokéball. maybe you could keep smaller pokémon as pets, but that's it. they also wouldn't have the abilities, stats, types and moves they have in the game and they wouldn't be healed...
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    Dream pkmn trainer plush do you wish? ^^

    Brendan for me
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    What Pokemon would you like to have as a pet?

    Mewtwo would be a cool pet
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    Favorite Cave

    Cerulean Cave
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    Other Pokemon character balloons?

    Mewtwo should be a balloon
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    ? Generation = hardest..

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    What's your favorite Pokemon/Type?

    type: psychic pokemon: Mewtwo
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    What's your LEAST favorite Pokemon/Type?

    type: Ghost pokémon: Shedinja