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    Skuntank or Purugly

    Ilk, *smack* it was YOU who took the last Butterfinger! lol. anyways, Purugly' simply 'cuz cat are me fav, arr!
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    Ash and the Ice Cream Lopunny

    Lol....Wow. That was indeed the best chapter yet. I loved it. The humor in this story is very high up on the funny chart. I just wish I coulda seen James's boobs....*sigh*
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    Pokemon:The Sinnoh Adventure!

    Oh. My. God. That was awsome! I love it! Im soo cuurazy in there! Im, like, psycho! Ahh! This is the best chapter yet! Thanks soo much for putting me in it!
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    Is this Gold and Silver remake a fake?

    Ooh ooh ooh! Im gonna say fake even though everyone already knows that its fake, just like that guy^. I'll just hop on the damn bandwagon and repeat others!!
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    Dragonball Z: Recut, Retold, Reloaded

    Eh, its an ok idea. It all depends on how well you write it if I'll read it or not. DBZ is cool, but some parts are *yawn*tastic.....
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    A Tale of Two Magikarp

    Hahaha! I loved it! Very nice details, and I loved the names and attitudes of the magikarp. I liked the whole crossover idea, and goodbye to Ash! Very good.
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    shiny pokemon how hard they are to catch

    Very very very hard to catch. Anyways, I only have my shiny chansey and lombre.
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    Which level 100 do you have now?

    I only have one, and its the only one I want. My clefable from silver.
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    anyone ever raise a rotom?

    I have trained one to lv 68.
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    Pokemon pronounciations you hate

    I use to call Deoxys De-o-si-es........
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    Pokemon Giveaway in NYC a HOAX!

    Cute..... Well, Im a little dissapointed, but hey! What can ya do?
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    Official Anime Picture Caption Thread

    http://www.geoscreens.com/brock/dp043question.jpg Brock: ......Ash......why did you violate me so?
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    Next Pokemon Thread (Updated!) **YOUR OPINION =/= FACT!**

    Ash will mos def catch that big hunka hunka burning love/hippo.
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    coolest looking shiny

    I like licky's shiny.
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    coolest looking shiny

    I think the shiny togepi has the suckiest look.
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    Pokemon Giveaway in NYC a HOAX!

    Well well well. Thanks for making the big decesion to call and find out.
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    What is ur serebii-background?

    Im using the bug now. I like the light green.
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    New Dub Titles (Season 13)

    I wouldnt mind two a week, as long as they make this season super long.
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    Pokemon Vs. Digimon

    No offence, but tweens are related to freshmen and middleschoolers, and they are extremely annoying.
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    OMG is this true?!

    If it IS fake, why would there be flyers up all along the street? Again, I live in the area.