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  1. J

    Umm...yeah...what ever happened it the battling acadamy?

    Umm...yeah...what ever happened it the battling acadamy?
  2. J

    never-ending cheat

    ...then throws some flowers to dedicate your life...
  3. J


    That'll suck if she gets rid of her seviper. Then she'd have really no reason to fight battles. On the other hands, wobbefet could use some more battle time.//
  4. J

    Ash will meet with a legendary Pokemon.

    I didn't know that either!
  5. J

    Aaaw crap ><;

    I would so pick Charzard, simply because good fire types are rare in the game
  6. J

    Did you ditch your starter?

    I ditched my starter i yellow too. :0
  7. J

    Two Girls, One Very Confused Man. [pokeshipping]

    Motivaton is a waste of time. jk. Good job, keep on truckin'
  8. J

    Rebattling Wally?

    Hmm...many he only battles randomly. I've tried that too, but I usually have to wait a while.
  9. J


    its probably too big. There is a certain size that pictures are allowed to be.
  10. J

    Do you know a Pokemon who had no anime appearances yet?

    magmotar or however you spell it
  11. J

    I'm somwhat new here, but ...uh...hi!

    Hey Man! Welcome. If you like to battle, join the Dp Coast league. You'll have a blast!
  12. J

    new kid here

    I don't thimk its possible to play too much. Anyway, welcome
  13. J

    How old are you Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fans?

    I'm 14...been playing since red/blue/yellow days.
  14. J

    New Member Here!

    welcome to...HERE!
  15. J

    You're banned.

    You're banned from trying to ban.