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    The Super Elites_V.3

    thanks about this lets fight for fun
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    The Super Elites_V.3

    can we fight again
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    The Super Elites_V.3

    where should we meet
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    can i be testd now

    can i be testd now
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    The Super Elites_V.3

    can i be tested now
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    Server Malfunctions

    Serebii can we be friends
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    Server Malfunctions

    Serebii i can help you if you want
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    lets be friends

    lets be friends
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    The Super Elites_V.3

    Name:~GreeN~ IGN:Steve FC:1976:9667:9990 Level of Activity on Serebii:Boulder Trainer Pokemon Battling experience: good How Many Clans/Teams are you a member of:no Your Two Favorite Pokemon and Why: dialga because he is good and infernape he is the best Shoddy Name: (if you have one) URL to your...
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    Server Malfunctions

    what r u going to do about it then
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    ObamaYEAH declared new leader of Empire -- Official electionlol thread.

    well lets see is obama is the right president lets ee is he will change our ecommey
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    The Digimon Club 5.0

    hey can i join please
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    Hell: As Explained By A College Chemistry Student.

    mods can be nice you know
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    Adopt-A-Newbie Agency, Version ?

    can i aopt one two please
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    Official Event Thread (Updated on a Regular Basis)

    do you know what kind of pokemon event thats going on yet
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    The Feline Pokémon Club

    can i join
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    pokemon club

    welcome the this pokemon club yo can have fun. the rules are no curcing or any foul launge or no bad words members are owners are ~GreeN~ co owner is
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    The Boys and Girls Club

    can i join im a boy
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    The Feline Pokémon Club

    can i please join