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    Songs that represent Pokemon

    Any MCR song especially Famous Last Words for our favorite emo hawk Staraptor!
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    Ladies/Rich Boys

    Maybe they should buy a brain w/ all that extra cash. 50 Super Potions > 1 Full Restore...
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    Rayquaza - Preffered Nature

    Honestly, Nature does mean something. It increase one stat by 10% and decreases one by 10%. 10% of a stat is a lot. In the end Nature is one of the most important aspects of a Pokemon. Since you Rayquaza is mild, therefore it increase Sp. Attack the poster above me has a pretty good set...
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    What do you use your Master Balls on, if you didn't use it on the main legendary?

    I use my Masterballs on everything. Cloning is your friend in 3rd Gen/4th Gen. In the 1st Gen I accidentally used mine on a Weezing...Gold/Silver I always waited for the legendaries.
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    What was your first shiny?

    Gyarados in Silver, which should be all of your first shinys if you owned gold/silver. Still have neglected to capture a 3rd/4th Gen shiny but really what does it really matter if the COLOR is different. I personally don't give a crap but that's just me.
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    What are your opinions on R/S/E?

    IDK the 3rd Gen unfortunately I have to say was my least favorite. I thought that it was incredibly easy I didn't 'black out' once. Emerald gave us the Battle Frontier but not much else. The only thing spectacular about this Gen IMO was the graphics. An incredible step up from G/S/C and not much...
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    Where do YOU go EV training in Emerald (for all stats)

    My Secret Base. Definitely the easiest and least time consuming method IMHO. I just switch out the Pokemon when I need a different Ev to be trained it. Plus all my Pokemon only have one non-attacking move that I use for my Secret Base. Therefore there is no harm for my Pokemon that I want to be...
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    The Problem with Pokémon Types

    That was an eye-opening statistic. I agree 100% that Pokemon should be more balance as far as types go. The only thing that is under numbered that we don't need are a bunch of new dragons, each is unforgettable and will always be known as a powerhouse.
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    Funniest things you've ever seen/heard

    this always gives me a good laugh.
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    How often do you see ubers?

    Usually, not always do I see an Uber. However they usually are no match for my Ev-ed OU team that I use in PBR.
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    What's Your Underground Score?

    11,567 I get a lot of stuff down there including a bunch of spheres...
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    Problems with the gts

    Even if the GTS is broken and there are many stupid people, you can still find diamonds in the rough. I have gotten numerous amazing things from the GTS. You just have to look harder for the best deals.
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    What did you name your rival?

    emoboy haha he'll definitely need help when he gets beat down by me.
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    If you could have any 1 pokemon in real life.....

    Ditto, so I could in fact have all 493 Pokemon if I really wanted to...
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    How old are you Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fans?

    14, My birthday is in like 2 weeks tho <3
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    Game play time

    wow I really think you guys need to get a livessssssss I myself only have 117 hours and some odd minutes, and I thought I was bad...
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    Are you going to pass down your toys,cards,video games etc to your kids

    Yes, even though "nothing lasts forever" I'll give my kids all my games along with my extensive card collection that will hopefully be worth something someday.
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    Best move and why?

    Stealth Rock, an essential part to every team now.
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    Least Significant Game

    3rd Generation. The first two were spectacular, then the fourth redeemed itself.
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    Top Five Favorite Non-Legendary and Legendary Pokemon?

    Legend -Kyogre -Groudon -Zapdos -Mewtwo -Latios Non-Legend -Poliwrath -Swampert -Marowak -Weezing -Scizor