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    Closed LF: Female fuecoco modest or quiet nature (eng) FT: Male fuecoco models nature

    I prefer a female fuecoco with modest nature over quiet nature. English only please. Male fuecoco has modest nature. Sp. Attack 6. Attack 5. Defense 6. Sp. Defense 6. Speed 6.
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    LF Ditto (specific natures) Offering other Ditto

    I am looking for Dittos with careful, and quiet natures. Have most of the other natures between levels 30 and 34. Also I have duplicates that I will trade for other pokemon.
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    LF Female Eevee (specific natures) CLOSED

    Looking for female eevee with timid, adamant, or modest natures. Offering male level 36 eevee bashful or calm nature.
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    LF Quaxly: FT Sprigatito

    Looking for quaxley. I have level 1 sprigatito for trade.