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    Pokemon art! Yeah!

    LOL, i understand your anger and disappointment, but i think a pic like that should come with a warning. Maybe pg-13. Besides that, i find your pic very amusing, keep up the great work.
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    Deranged Beavers

    ......I'm laughing and feeling frighten at the sametime. Kudos to you and your interesting ways. LOL I hope there's more to come.
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    Female D/P Trainer

    Please follow link: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/48191572/ thanks. ^_^ please leave comments.
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    Symphonia (and Tales) Dolls

    *Drooles* As always i love your art Yoru Ryu. Though i don't see Chester. ;_;
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    :: New Pic : HOT SUMMER ~ Sexy Kasumi ::

    Overall, Beautiful! The colors, pose, style, background, is simply gorgeous! The only problem i have is that her right foot should be showing some toes, otherwise it looks like she's has a nub for a right foot. o_O; Besides that problem is pic is perfect. ^_^
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    Old Made-up Fanart characters

    You're right, some of the requests were to redraw the anime/game characters. >_>; but the clothing designs are still to their respectful owners. XD Keep pratacting, it took me nearly 10 years to draw something decent, But i bet you can cut my time more than half if you keep drawing. ~_0 I...
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    Old Made-up Fanart characters

    Just something i use to do in this forum. Enjoy. BEWARE LARGE PIC!! http://www.deviantart.com/view/35816638/ P.S.- i would put all the names of every serebii memeber whose character i drew......but i lost most of their names. ^^; Sorry! If any post your names here. ^^;
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    Ragnarok Online Fan-art: Isis (NSFW 18+)

    Heh, cute sense of humor kid, and where's her crown!? She has to have a her crown! lol Anyway, the drawing itself is very good, the only problem i have with it is that her hips are a little too narrow, so if you added some more meat in that area the drawing would be perfect. Another side...
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    Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates (PG-13)

    hmmm, strange one moment i'm logged in, and the next thing i know i'm kicked out! XD Anyway, the story is turning out great! I can't wait for the next chapter to come out. =D Ooooooo~ can't wait. >_< P.S. i love how you made Kai "inner heart" hehe, getting owies and needing a bandaid...a...
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    Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates (PG-13)

    OMG, those were the best three chapters i missed out, till now. T_T Saber you cease to amaze me with your talent in writing. XD You're also one of the few reasons why i still come to this forum. ^_^
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    Official Animal Crossing Wild World Online Friend Finder!

    Solla-chan-Holly 2663-5191-2164 townname-Sunville fruit-oranges
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    Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates (PG-13)

    OMG! That's was one of the most shocking chapters i ever read. Who would had thought that Kai would had the guts to do what he did!? o_O So does this mean Kai knows that Saber and Darkheart are one of the same...er...person/pokemon? ooo, i can't wait till the next chapter. =D
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    Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates (PG-13)

    Wow, i really like how you integrated the legend of the Bluebeard Roberts and his ship with the story, and as always the pokemon are as crazy as they can be. =D Side note: Ledyba is sooo cute, strange, but cute! XD
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    ::My Lame attempt at drawing Pokemon::

    Damnnit girl it ain't a lame attempt or pathetic drawing! O_O why you always gotta say stuff like that about your art? You give yourself way too little credit. =( >=0 AND WHO DARES SAYS THAT KAIVITI CAN'T DRAW POKEMON CHARACTERS!? I'LL KIL...I mean give them a piece of my mind. ^^; Anyway, I...
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    Your purchase of X-Box 360

    Just the system for now,which is around $430, then Ghost Recon for next year, which would be around $60. Oh yeah, do you know that there will be a shortage of the Xbox360. So mainly, the people who'd pre-ordered it are the only people that are getting this year. I was told before that i'll...
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    Macentric Fan Art

    I like what you got going on here, did you use photoshop or illustrator to draw out the Manectric?
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    Heads... and maybe some shoulders o_o

    Yup a person's hair can blow in two different directions, when he or she is near a whirlwind. =D lol Anyway, great work as always! *grasp* you drew Steven. =D Please draw more of him in the future.
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    D: Blondes have more fun...

    =O OMG, you finally posted up one of your art pieces. YAY! I really like how you colored her hair and eyes, but her outfits and skin seems a little flat. Maybe if you add a little more shading to skin and outfit, it would give a little dimension to her body. It seems that you're afraid to add...
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    Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates (PG-13)

    OMG, Saber turned into an Umbreon! lol I was wondering if she would turn into a pokemon in this chapter, and like you promised, she did! Hehe, think of all the pranks she could play on Kai in her pokemon form. Man, i can't wait till the next chapter. Oh, I love how you gave a specfic...
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    The $alaryman

    XD that's awesome! Even if it's last minute thought, it a great idea. I love the costumes, coloring, and poses you did in this pic. XD really awesome.